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Who does not remember the great collection of Carrie Bradshaw shoes in Sex and the Cityor the shoe Cinderella in the glass room? And what about Dorothy’s magical red shoes in the Wizard of Ozor the black patent leather knee high boots by Julia Roberts in beautiful woman?

We are in the middle of awards season international cinema, in which in each production the costumes are an essential part to achieve authenticity in the representation of a story that can be current or from another era. Therefore, the designers They must consider several factors in their selection and tailoring of clothing.

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“It is essential to analyze the script. This implies inquiring about the characters and the relationship between them, both psychological and physical, the context and the time. The director’s vision and the way he or she wants to tell the story is also key”, explains Mariana Gandía, fashion designer and costume designer nominated for the Ariel Awards in 2017 for The dream of the Mara’akame.

The expert says that “in some productions, there is a designer of production that coordinates all the visual areas such as the costumes, the decoration of the sets, scenery, and with the director and the photographer they even decide the color palette and the aesthetics that they want to give to the film”.

On some occasions, shoes have become the protagonists of these stories, such as in the film In his shoesin which two orphan sisters, who are very different, share a taste for this basic of clothing, as also happens in the Spanish film stones -also known as under the legsby Ramón Salazar, in which the lives of five women are narrated through the footwear they wear.

“Footwear defines an era in principle and determines the personal style of each person or character, whether it is formal or informal,” says Katherine Torres, Marketing Manager of the Prada firm.

Also in the classic Cinderella of the Grimm brothers, the shoe becomes the protagonist as it is the key element that leads to the union of the woman of the town with the prince.

“Like fingerprints, each person’s fit is unique and wearing it denotes each person’s personality,” says Katherine.

It is said for a reason that, “we find the last of our shoe when we achieve a connection with someone”, adds Katherine.

Gandía adds that, when choosing footwear for a filmit is also important to take into account the movement of the characters in the plot because it affects, depending on whether the person is standing, walking or running.

“Many designers costumes synergize with designers from fashion both for footwear and glasses, watches or clothing in order to co-design unique models for a production of movies.

“The cinematography has served as a forum to showcase fashion trends and is a tool for marketingsince there are many trends that have been inspired by movie costumes”, explains Mariana.

The costume designer tells how the first version of The Great Gatsby in the 70s generated a revival of the dresses of the 20s and 30s inside the fashion of the 1970s and influenced prom dresses at the time.

The movies he has also served as a teacher in terms of fashion history. Thanks to the film DangerousBeautyFor example, as spectators we see what it was like for the European courtesans of the Renaissance to walk on the “chapines”, a female footwear of Spanish origin used from the fifteenth century and that is considered the predecessor of the platforms, so fashionable today. in day.

And traveling back in time to the present day, we cannot put aside the obsession with the shoes of the writer Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the Cityboth in the film like in the series, but where the stars were some blue Manolo Blahnik that remained on the shelf of a room in a New York apartment where he lived.

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And we can’t forget the reaction of Emily (Emily Blunt) in The devil wears Prada when Andrea (Anne Hathaway) she changes her look, telling him that she sold her soul by trying on Jimmy Choo’s stilettos for the first time.

And certainly of the movie classics We cannot leave aside the famous patent leather boots with which Julia Roberts caused a sensation in the 90s, which were the idea of ​​the costume director of that production Marilyn Vance.

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