I remember the city from Crazy Taxi as a big open world, but it was actually a pretty simple circuit.

The years may have erased the memory of what the arcade mode of Crazy Taxi really was, confusing it with the original, which added one more challenge in the port for consoles, but I would have sworn and perjured that both cities. in addition to their similarity, they were just as complex.

The image below, shared by @GameDesignDangives a good account that not only was it not the open world that I thought I remembered, it was actually a circular circuit with some additional paths, but in essence quite simple.

Crazy Taxi Map

It is curious that, for those of us who burned a good handful of coins in its arcade version to the cry of The Offspring, the network of streets offered the sensation of being a world much larger and more ambitious than what the image gives off.

One more example of the good design behind that first version and how they managed to shape their tricks of smoke and mirrors. I also understand why making the jump to the original console mode would lead to chaos.

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Then I also leave you an image of that map in the original way that, together with the minigames, rounded off a superb version that turned inside of me dream cast more hours than anyone would like to admit.

Crazy Taxi Original

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