it will cost 24 euros more from March

Apple has decided to apply an important change in terms of battery changes. The company has confirmed through its support website that the price of changing these batteries in the iPhone will be 24 euros higher from March 1. One more reflection of the skyrocketing inflation that we have been dragging on since last year.

The change is global, not only in Spain: in the United States the price increase is 20 dollars. The only iPhone models that get rid of this price increase are the iPhone 14, but it is logical: all of them are still under warranty due to their young age.

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A quick example that the support website itself gives us: changing the battery of an iPhone 13 Pro that is out of warranty now costs 75 euros. As of March 1, 2023, the price will rise by 24 euros to 99 euros.

There is good news: the price increase will only be reflected in the iPhone that are out of warranty. You will also not pay anything if the phone is under an AppleCare+ plan, which is also available in Spain and offers coverage for theft and loss.

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Beyond that, Apple makes it clear that all of you who are thinking of changing the battery of your iPhone should do so in less than two months. Otherwise you will pay 24 euros more for the same service. You can find out if your iPhone needs a battery change or not by checking its status from System Settings, ‘Battery’ section and ‘Battery Health’ subsection.

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