Jack Mallers, who promoted the adoption of Bitcoin in the country, breaks away from the government

The founder of Strike, assured that he has “no commercial relationship with the government of El Salvador”, despite the fact that it was he who announced the adoption of Bitcoin in the country.

In a recent interview conducted by the Coindesk portal with crypto entrepreneur Jack Mallers, founder of the Strike platform, the issue related to the implementation of Bitcoin in El Salvador arose, which has already been a year since its entry into force.

Because Mallers was one of the figures that made the most noise around the legalization of Bitcoin, especially since it was he who gave the scoop during the Bitcoin Conference in 2021, in which Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele participated, he is still followed. consulting on the subject.

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During the Coindesk interview, in which Mallers spoke about the advantages of Bitcoin, among which he highlighted that it is something “global” and faster than card payment systems, the interviewers asked him about the Salvadoran case.

Specifically, one of the participants in the conversation asked the crypto entrepreneur if the “massive” losses that El Salvador has had due to the adoption and subsequent purchase of bitcoins with public funds “affected” his business, since Mallers’ company promotes the use of the cryptoactive to through the Lightning Network, a protocol that works on top of Bitcoin to make transactions faster.

President Nayib Bukele announced the adoption of Bitcoin during the 2021 conference. Illustrative and non-commercial image:

In addition, the interviewer asked if those same losses damaged the image of Bitcoin as a means of daily payments.

In that sense, the founder of Strike said that this situation did not affect his company, adding that “people like to assume that I have strong ties with El Salvador (….) Someone asked me for help and my opinion on Bitcoin, and that’s all I did,” he said of the country.

In addition, in his same response, Mallers pointed out that with his company “we are not government consultants and we do not have commercial relations with the government of El Salvador”, as a way of clarifying that it has no ties to the process of adopting the cryptoactive in the country.

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However, in June of last year he was even invited to different interviews in which he explained the process of legalizing digital assets in the country, and even retweeted a photograph when the Salvadoran Minister of Economy presented the proposal to the Legislative Assembly.

In the post, Mallers also wrote “we did it” next to the images of the Bitcoin Law articles, referencing his clear involvement in the process.

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