Japanese Group Seeks Launch Of Public Body On Reproductive Medicine

The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology has proposed the establishment of a public institution to perform administrative functions related to reproductive medicine, including managing information on third-party sperm or egg donors.

The society submitted a document on the proposed public institution to Seiko Noda, the minister in charge of measures on Japan’s low birth rate.

The minister offered a positive response towards launching such an institution in an agency for children and families that the government intends to establish in fiscal year 2023 as a “control tower” for various child-related policies, officials from the Ministry said. the society.

The society proposed 10 elements of functions to be performed by the intended public institution. In addition to handling information on egg or sperm donors for long periods of time, it is expected that the institution will dedicate itself to working to guarantee the children of donors the right to know their origins and also in the long-term management of the eggs or semen. of young cancer patients who were frozen before the start of their cancer treatment.

Mikio Mikami, who chairs a panel on ethics in society, told reporters that discussing the broad issues surrounding reproductive medicine “goes beyond the limit of the capacity of an academic society.”

“We believe that handling these issues on an ongoing basis in a public institution would lead to more fruitful discussions about them,” Mikami added.

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