Jennifer Aniston’s homemade trick to wake up your skin

Jennifer Aniston has no problem sharing her beauty routine. She a few years ago the protagonist of friends posted on Instagram an image that went viral due to its spontaneity. The actress appeared dressed in pajamas, with a glass of cava and a face mask, a photograph that she captured in the process of preparing to attend the Emmy Awards gala.

In addition, the unforgettable Rachel Green has also used the networks to teach her followers her favorite hair products, as well as upload several selfies just woken up, with her face washed and her hair curly. Some images that have also revolutionized the networks.

Celebrities like to take care of themselves with treatments and products that are sometimes not within the reach of all pockets. He also has several home hacks that are super easy to copy and that his loyal fans can follow. The most striking? His technique to “wake up” your skin in just a few minutes.

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“It’s an old-school stunt that Joan Crawford used to do,” he notes. It should be noted that one of the Hollywood divas of the 1930s always boasted very luminous and juicy skin, so this trick, as Aniston assures, guarantees good results.

It’s an old school trick that Joan Crawford used to do.”

Jennifer Aniston with her characteristic hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston

His facialist, Joanna Czech, was in charge of revealing this trick that consists of using cold water. “Take a bowl of ice water and splash it on your face 25 times. It just wakes up your skin,” says Jennifer. The procedure is very simple: you must add ice to the container to lower the temperature of the water and then splash the water on your face.

Once the process is complete -which must be repeated 25 times- the skin has an extra dose of energy and looks more decongested. A trick that also helps to close pores, reduce puffiness and dark circles, improve circulation and achieve much brighter skin.

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