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The defamation case is close to over, but the reactions of the fans are not


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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard They are still in court in Virginia for the defamation lawsuit that the actor filed against his ex-wife, after the publication of an article in the Washington Post that caused him to lose several roles.

Both artists have taken the stand to testify and the trial has been broadcast to the whole world, so in networks the memes did not wait since day 1 and until the recent appearance of the lawyer Camille Vasquez.

That’s right, you know that the Internet is unforgiving, especially because Depp has a large fan base in networks, so we compiled these memes:

Without a doubt, Heard’s faces in court are what we have seen the most:

They don’t even miss the request to replace Amber with Emilia Clark in Aquaman:

Oh wow:

So in kindergarten:

The moment that shocked us the most:

Can you imagine Saúl defending Amber, for a series?

Well, even Dr. Polo got into the memes:

Lawyer Camille Vasquez embarrassed Amber, which Depp fans applauded:

What meme did we miss? Don’t forget to share it in the comments.

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