Kendall Jenner desperately trying to cut a cucumber

Had Kendall Jenner ever cut a cucumber in her life? This question, Internet users have been asking since a video of the star in the kitchen has been around the web. On the latter, from the last episode of the series of Kardashians, we see the youngest of the clan having a conversation with her mother while she is cutting, somehow, a cucumber. Arms crossed, while holding the fruit with her fingertips, Kendal Jenner does not seem to know what she is doing. Kris, her mother, then advises her to call on their boss, which the model prefers to refuse.

“I’m just going to cut some cucumber, it’s going to be easy”she says. “Go ahead my daughter! FWatch out, I cut myself the other day”replies his mother. “I’m a little scared. I definitely don’t know how to cut well, so don’t zoom in on me. I am not a professional at all”Kendall Jenner asks the cameraman before asking if the cucumbers have seeds.

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A rather comical scene which of course did not go unnoticed. Barely hours after the broadcast of the episode, Internet users immediately made fun of the culinary talents of Kendall Jenner, whom they consider “disconnected from reality”. “I thought I couldn’t cook and then I saw Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber”wrote a user on Twitter.

The star finally reacted to the scene in turn by sharing and commenting on a tweet which read: “Kendall Jenner trying to cut a cucumber is the most tragic thing I have ever witnessed”. “Tragic!”she wrote, the model therefore seems to take it all with humor.

@nick75007 Omg how does #kendalljenner not know how to properly cut a #cucumber ♬ original sound – Nick007

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