Kim Kardashian is destroyed in networks for her two-hour speech at Harvard

Kim Kardashian is once again on everyone’s lips and this time for her most recent appearance. The television and modeling star went on Friday, January 20, to the Harvard Business School as a ‘guest lecturer’ to discuss the success of her multi-million dollar shapewear company, SKIMS.

However, her followers and detractors on the internet were not amused that the businesswoman was such an example to live up to the iconic university.

A camera crew followed her as the star of reality and SKIMS co-founder Jens Grede arrived to speak to Boston students enrolled in the course Moving Beyond Direct to Consumer, local media confirmed.

For its part, NBC10 Boston reported that some seminar attendees gave Kardashian an “A” for her nearly two-hour speech about SKIMS, which was valued at $3.2 billion just a year agothe trolls Twitter users criticized the lawyer-in-training, and Harvard itself, for inviting the “talentless” businesswoman in the first place.

The important piece had a cost of more than 200 thousand dollars that Kim Kardashian paid at an auction
Kim Kardashian is once again the protagonist of teasing. – Photo: Getty Images / Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin

“This is hilarious. @KimKardashian can’t spell @Harvard”, wrote a person who criticized the celebrity and her appearance, which lasted approximately an hour and 45 minutes.

“Kim Kardashian was born into wealth,” declared another. “She tried to use a sex tape to launch a career as an actress or singer; neither of them launched. Kim K was rich enough to make a reality show scripted will work because she and her family have no shame. Harvard is now as tacky as the Kardashians.”

“The words ‘Kardashian’ and ‘Harvard’ should never appear in the same sentence…ever”said another.

Many users wondered what kind of advice Kardashian was giving, since she herself does not have a college degree.

They make fun of Kim Kardashian after buying the famous jewel worn by Princess Diana

The American ‘influencer’ and television figure Kim Kardashian acquired the Attallah Cross, the amethyst and diamond pendant worn on several occasions by Princess Diana, Sotheby’s auction house reported.

The piece created last century in the 1920s by British jeweler Garrard was sold for 163,800 pounds ($202,300) on Wednesday, January 18, during the “Royal and Noble” auction in London.

The pendant, worn by Diana at a charity gala in 1987, it fetched more than double the minimum price expected before auction, and Sotheby’s confirmed that it was purchased by a Kardashian representative.

This is how Princess Diana looked several years ago with the Attallah Cross that Kim Kardashian acquired
This is how Princess Diana looked several years ago with the Attallah Cross that Kim Kardashian acquired – Photo: Getty Images/Tim Graham

“Rarely does jewelry that the late Princess Diana owned or wore come to market, especially a piece like the Attallah Cross that is so colourful, bold and distinctive,” Sotheby’s Kristian Spofforth said ahead of the sale.

“To some extent, this rare pendant symbolizes the princess’s growing confidence in herself, in her clothing and jewelry choices, at that particular time in her life,” Spofforth added.

The most famous of the Kardashian clan dressed in all brands except Balenciaga.  Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian.
Kim Kardashian was teased – Photo: Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian.

But the acquisition of this historic and representative jewel did not go down well with some influencers on social networks. Def Noodles, an American tweeter, did not hesitate to criticize the purchase and went with everything to the Kardashian.

“She is trying to traumatize the ghosts of an iconic woman,” she posted on her official Twitter profile, where she has more than 100,000 followers.

Another post from a user on the same social network was a bit more cruel to the influencer. “Kim Kardashian at the Dead Celebrity Souvenir Shop.”

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