Kylie Jenner shows off her curvaceous attributes in a pink micro bikini

Kylie Jenner For several years, like her older sister Kim Kardashian, she has become the fantasy of millions of people around the world. Her beauty and prominent charms are indisputable. and he always finds a way to capture the spotlight on his Instagram account.

On this occasion, the famous businesswoman stirred up users by sharing a series of six images in which she leaves little to the imagination because she exhibits her curvilinear attributes from a luxurious pool, posing from the front and back with a pink dental floss-like micro-bikini that only covers the essentials.

As expected, the publication immediately received thousands of compliments and in just a few hours it has received more than 1.7 million “likes.”

“Wonderful legs and hips 🥵🔥”, “This woman is too sensual ❤️” and “Many who criticize her would like to have that body after having a child 👏”, are some of the messages they wrote to the 25-year-old .

As if that weren’t enough, Kylie Jenner also took the opportunity to flaunt her great body, through other photographs where she can be seen wearing another nude mini swimsuit that left his 386 million followers breathless.

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