La Madre: all about the film with Gael Garcia and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez She continues to explore her facet as an actress and, after getting great reviews for her role in Hustlers, she comes to Netflix with The Mother, an action movie full of well-known actors.

The movie was directed by Niki Carodirector of the live action of Disney’s Mulan, of The North Country with Charlize Theron and The Zookeeper’s Wife with Jessica Chastain, and it is one of Netflix’s great action bets, where we will soon see the sequel to Rescue Mission, with Chris Hemsworth, and more from The Old Guard, which have become the most watched movies to date.

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Mother is the story of a woman who is pushed to the limit to protect her daughter, and we see Jennifer Lopez as a John Wick-esque character, in the sense that he must come out of “retirement” and use his most violent abilities to stay alive and save the 12-year-old girl he hasn’t seen since she was a baby, while being hunted by the most dangerous criminals.

The first trailer for the film has already been revealed, along with some details to know.

The Mother trailer

The trailer starts with JLo (who many consider to have been robbed of an Oscar by not nominating her for her role as a con-art stripper in hustlers) as a mother who has just given birth to her baby, but instead of receiving visits from her family and friends, she is visited by a woman who tells her that she must make a deal with the government, and that she probably will not be able to stay with your daughter for now.

What happens is that she is some kind of soldier/assassin who was involved in the deaths of several agents and that leaves her in a difficult position, which years later forces her to search for her daughter and fight to protect her.

What is The Mother about?

the synopsis of Netflix It says that: A deadly assassin goes underground to protect the daughter she abandoned years ago, while trying to escape danger.

In addition, the trailer shows that a group of mercenaries are after the girl and want to kidnap her to take revenge on her and force her to come out from where she was hiding, so she needs to gather her allies and act smart to avoid being discovered and possibly , murdered.

For now, we don’t know what revenge they want to catch their daughter for, but that will become clear throughout the film. The Mother She must face her past and present problems to recover her relationship with her daughter and get the opportunity to have a new life together.

The cast of The Mother

Jennifer Lopez is the protagonist of this story as the mother to which the title refers, but Gael García Bernal also appears (who is also about to release the film Casandro, about a legendary wrestler who changed wrestling forever), as one of the villains who have a problem with Lopez’s character and have a plan to kill her, and actors like Joseph Fiennes, Lucy Paez, Omari Hardwick, and Paul Raci.

When is The Mother released?

The film will be available on Netflix starting May 12.

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