Luis Alberto in black and white, the declaration

Luis Alberto runs and looks Lazio sideways
Luis Alberto (LaPresse)

In the last few hours, the hypothesis of an exchange between Luis Alberto and Arthur would have arisen: Biasin says his opinion on Sarri’s position.

The journalist Fabrizio Biasin, through his own ‘Twitter’ profile, spoke about the possible hypothesis of exchange between Luis Alberto, at the Juventus, And Arthur, at the Lazio. An indiscretion that jumped out in the last few hours that would have surprised most. The Spaniard does not seem to have a very peaceful relationship with Maurizio Sarri, just as the Brazilian would no longer seem to fit into Maximilian’s plans Merry. Here then is what Biasin declared, with a pinch of irony.

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Biasin on the Luis Alberto-Arthur exchange hypothesis: “Juve, Sarri wants you …”

The hypothesis of exchange between Luis Alberto And Arthur it came like a ‘bolt from the blue’ and surprised the Bianconeri and Biancocelesti fans, but not only them. This idea has sprung up almost out of nowhere and many believe that the exchange can go to raise the level and quality of the midfield of the Juventus.

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For this reason, in fact, Fabrizio Biasin, through his ‘Twitter’ profile, he wanted to say: “‘Sarri really likes Arthur, the hypothesis of an exchange with Luis Alberto’. And then they say that Sarri does not love Juve …“. This would be a ‘gesture of affection’ which, according to the journalist, Sarri could do towards his former team with whom he has not severed relations in the best way.

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