Luis García, stunned for criticizing Chicharito because he as a player was forgotten

Luis García with Christian Martinoli at a movie premiere.  (Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Luis García with Christian Martinoli at a movie premiere. (Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Luis Garcia he always puts his finger on the wound. She is not afraid to make his sharp opinions known. This has caused some problems. He recently decided to criticize calls for Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez return to the Mexican National Team and the bomb exploded in his hand.

“Now it turns out that Javier Hernández is our Diego Armando Maradonaour Peleour Zidane. Do not: he is a normal center forward who has already been to several World Cups and who hasn’t made us reach the eighth game either,” were the words used by the TV Azteca star commentator on Los Protagonistas. Reason was not lacking, but his vehement criticism caused the fans to bring to mind his stage as a player.

It is a fact that the Mexican fans have memory when it comes to remembering failures. That is why it is normal that former players who now work on television receive criticism for what they did when they were wearing shorts. It is not the exception with Garcia. The same thing happened last week, because Raúl Jiménez’s father threw a stone at him.

“There are many commentators who were soccer players who did nothing extraordinary at the time and now they are all gods. That doesn’t help soccer,” Raúl Jiménez’s father told ESPN.

There are two great truths in this brawl: former players have every right to criticize the Mexican National Team in general and the players in particular. Now they play a different role. Their role is to analyze what they see inside the field and offer the public a balanced judgment, or at least that is the intention. But on the other hand, it is also true that none of them did anything different. El Tri has obtained the same results for thirty years and the only time they got the Fifth Game was at home.

From then on, all versions of the Mexican National Team are a decal. With certain nuances, but they have all come to the same place. There cannot be so much arrogance in past generations for the simple fact that “they felt the shirt more”. Perhaps they cannot understand it because they always go to the headline that all time spent is better. But as far as the tricolor is concerned, it is more accurate to say that all time has been identical.

Luis García scored a brace against Ireland at the 1994 World Cup in the United States and then, in the key match against Bulgaria, he lost his temper and was innocently sent off to level the match (the Bulgarians had lost an element) and waste an opportunity unbeatable to access the Quarterfinals. His career in European football has only one noteworthy episode: his 20 goals in his debut season with Atlético de Madrid, a mark that he himself Chicharito he equaled two decades later with Manchester United.

At France 1998, García was part of Manuel Lapuente’s squad, but did not play a single minute. His career in the Mexican National Team ended there, without any relevant title to boast of. He barely had the consolation of the 1995 Copa América scoring title. In his own words, he was an average striker. As an analyst, there is no doubt about his success and influence, but even with more than twenty years on the small screen, he still has a hard time forgetting his former profession. Luis García himself has been in charge of mixing one facet with the other.

Chicharito has been relegated from El Tri since 2019. (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)

Chicharito has been relegated from El Tri since 2019. (Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)

In various broadcasts, between jokes, The Doctor and Jorge Campos have boasted that in their time everything was better. It is enough for them to remember that they never suffered to reach the World Cup. Reason assists them in that section, but at the end of the road there is nothing different: the Mexican team has always obtained the same simpletons and mediocre results. Because in effect, we don’t have any Pele or Maradona. It is what it is, it is what it was and what it will be.

So that their critics do not have those answers, García and his colleagues would do well to completely rid themselves of their rusty football facet. Today they see soccer from above and it is valid that they express their opinions about Chicharito and all the others. But as long as they continue to appeal to the melancholy of the old, they will be exposed to the memory of the fans. And from that retroactive judgment it is impossible to come out alive.


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