Machine Gun Kelly and examples (not to be followed) to impress girls

Of when Machine Gun Kelly injured herself with a knife to impress Megan Fox during one of the first dates with the actress

Machine Gun Kelly he is a fairly divisive character and in the last few months he has been able to gain space in the media not only with music but also with grazed wounds and attempts at fight.

If the former rapper turned punk rocker came out unscathed from the near incident with wrestler Conor McGregor, when he started dating his current partner, theactress Megan Fox, risked getting really hurt by doing it all by yourself.

How to impress your girlfriend (if you’re MGK)

What would not be done for love some would say and even the American stars, apparently, are just like all of us: ready to do nonsense when you have the opportunity to impress a woman. And when you have Megan Fox in front of one of the first dates is a moment that wanting to be cool automatically becomes an idiot.

And, let’s face it, that’s just what it has Machine Gun Kelly he did, telling it all during his recent hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

MGK in fact he talked about when Travis Barker, drummer of blink-182 and putative father producer of the whole new American punk-rock scene, he gave him a knife with the brand of the last album.

You made an album, you want to bully your girlfriend with whom you are recently dating, they even gave you a knife / gadget from your record, the pointed ones. What better thing for our MGK to do than show hers be cool throwing the weapon in the air to catch it?

From cool to idiot in seconds, we said, that’s how it went. The knife launched by Machine Gun Kelly he did not fall to the ground, he was not caught on the fly but he is driven straight into the back of the hand of the artist he played down, gritted his teeth while still wearing the scar.

But then again, as they say, lions in the evening and in the morning… injuries: “When she left, the next day, I immediately called someone saying I needed to get some points ASAP” explains.

The hard blows to the coccyx

But MGK apparently he has a real passion for always walking on the edge of injury and the accident that happened to impress his beauty was certainly not the only one.

At the beginning of 2021, guest of the Saturday Night Live, MGK ended the episode by falling off the stage in an attempt to raise the comedian Pete Davidson, a fall that cost him a coccyx contusion.

The good thing is that they have discovered a new body part, says MGK: “Before then I didn’t even know what it was, it’s basically the butt” but it was certainly not pleasant.

The episode is directly linked to another previous clash of the titans: a tournament of beer pong with Post Malone. He too is a rapper, he too with a passion for rock and he too with a great desire to drink. After skipping the game part to go straight to drinking and that’s it, MGK thought it was a good idea, again, to be cool on a long staircase.

Every five steps a trifle until the flash of genius: break up slide at full speed on the handrail.

As in any American comedy the ending is as predictable as what was at the end of the handrail: a big spike, a thud, a great pain and a tailbone ready for the SNL.

And after all, you can love him like this.



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