Man Wanted in Puerto Rico Arrested in Colombia for $7 Million Laundering

Authorities arrested in Colombia to a man who had a federal arrest warrant issued by the Federal Court in Puerto Rico and that he would be responsible for laundering at least $7 million.

The investigation was carried out by Colombian officials and the federal agency for United States Drug Enforcement (DEA, for its acronym in English) to achieve the arrest, which took place last Saturday in the Bellavista neighborhood of Cúcuta, north of Santander, the Colombian Attorney General’s Office reported in a press release.

“The international requirement states that Carrillo Álvarez would be part of a transnational network accused of legalizing millionaire sums of money resulting from the shipment of tons of cocaine hydrochloride from Colombia to Caribbean countries, including Puerto Rico.”indicates the statement from the Colombian prosecutor’s office.

He added that, “apparently, he fulfilled the role of ‘broker’ or intermediary and, together with other people, received the resources consigned abroad and distributed them to different accounts in Colombia.”

“The illegal organization, supposedly, invested the money through various financial maneuvers and returned it abroad,” he added. “In this way, it would have given the currency an appearance of legality and evaded the control of the authorities.”

According to the statement, “the US justice system indicated that Carrillo Álvarez would be responsible for moving more than seven million dollars.”

The Colombian Attorney General’s Office reported that the detainee remained in its custody while the extradition process began.

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