Meghan Markle and Harry, the background. “Anna forbade him to marry her.” Thus began the war


It is always difficult, when a family conflict arises, to understand when it all began. At what moment did Prince Harry begin to feel hostility towards the Royal Family? When was the limit that was absolutely not to be crossed? And above all, by whom?

Lady Colin Campbell, the author of seven books on British royalty and a much-listened commentator, has a name that ranks first on the list of suspects. According to the author of “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story”, the discontent began from the first day, when the prince announced in the family that he wanted to marry the American actress. And the first to express her opposition was Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth. “Do not marry that woman, she is absolutely unsuitable,” the seventy-year-old princess would have said, causing a severe blow to her nephew. “She’s wrong for us, she’s wrong for the country, she’s wrong for the role she should play,” Anna said to a stunned Harry, according to the real-world expert’s report.

Then things went as we know: Meghan felt rejected – and most likely not only by the queen’s daughter but also by other important family members – she fell into depression and her husband tried to run for cover, to avoid – as he has repeatedly said – that he would send his mother’s tragic end.


It is not known whether Harry will eventually make peace with his father Carlo and brother William. Last July 1st, the smiles (perhaps only of circumstance) between the two, during the inauguration of the (brutally) statue dedicated to Lady D, suggest perhaps a future reconciliation. But a return to London for Harry and Meghan would seem unlikely.

Campbell, who spoke on his YouTube channel, however, reserves harsh criticism of the “Californian” couple, who do not seem to have “limits” in talking about their disagreements with the Royal House. “Harry and Meghan – said the author – have exposed themselves in front of the whole world”. But “the monarchy must behave in a decent manner if it is to maintain the respect of the population.”

Harry and Meghan, the clash with the Royal Family and the crisis of the monarchy

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