Miley and Liam: the story behind the scandal

with the departure of Flowers It seems that Miley Cyrus has finally closed the painful phase of her relationship with her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, but this single made social networks burn again with the details of Miley and Liam’s divorce.

Miley Cyrus hit back at Liam Hemsworth with her latest single Flowers, or that’s what many thought it would do. Although the song came out on the actor’s birthday, the lyrics moved away from claims to focus more on self-love and forgiveness. It seems that Miley and Liam’s torturous relationship is finally over, but inevitably this song somehow brought back memories of a turbulent marriage and divorce. Here’s a brief account of the relationship everyone keeps talking about.

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the beautiful beginning

Liam and Miley met in 2009 while filming The last song and they started out like many celebrities: in secret. She was 16 and he was 19, and the chemistry was instant. Everything was confirmed when the film ended and they were caught in a very affectionate farewell at the Nashville airport.

Liam and Miley together in The last song

Because of their jobs they were not together for a long time, but they did spend December holidays in Australia with his family and in California with hers. They justifiably became the couple of the moment, but things don’t last forever.

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infidelities in sight

Being separated for so long seems to have brought tensions in the relationship and there were strong rumors of infidelity, such as that of Liam, who was linked to Jennifer Lawrence when they filmed The Hunger Games. They broke up but came back. Miley began her solo career and also with all kinds of excesses that made the relationship more difficult. Her explosive and free personality contrasted with a more sober one of hers, like his. For some time they both broke up, went out with other people, but always came back.

Miley and Liam: the story behind the scandal
The “happy” years. Photo: Getty Images

Miley and Liam’s wedding and divorce

Being in the eye of the hurricane, they decided to get married in December 2018, but the marriage lasted only 10 months because Liam asked Miley for a divorce. This was kept secret, but the singer had a panic attack on a plane flight that exposed everything.

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After the divorce, Liam declared that for the first time he felt calm, since it seems that his ex-wife’s rebellious personality caused him serious conflicts. Soon after, he began a relationship with the model Gabrielle Brooks and she with the singer Cody Simpson.

Finally, it seems that Flowers Miley closes the biggest love story of her life so far. The one that made him compose songs like Slide Away Y angels like youand that, it seems, can finally let go.

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