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The second game of preseason of millionaires in the United States, this time against riverplate, He left the same conclusion as the auction of the 2022 campaign: the lack of forcefulness to take advantage of the opportunities he created brought him headaches. In the end, the Blues lost 2-0 in a perhaps long result, but one that he punished for not having made a difference when he could.

Millionaires looked good, comfortable with the ball, aggressive when it came to attacking and brave to fight the game, something normal in the confrontation of a team that kept almost all of its starting lineup from last year and another in which there was a new coach and practically all were substitutes, compared to 2022.

Added to the absence of Carlos Andrés Gómez, now definitive, was that of Daniel Ruiz, who this time DT Alberto Gamero left on the substitute bench to give Yuber Quiñones entry into the starting lineup. Plus, he kept Daniel Giraldo ahead of Larry Vasquez.

The game left several very hopeful individual performances for what is to come. For example, that of Daniel Catano, That he looked very good, participative, clear with the ball and precise when delivering it. Also that of Costa Rican Juan Pablo Vargas, ready to cover the failures of his teammates and very confident in closing. And that of Luis Carlos Ruiz, who, at least in movements and participation, showed that he wants to fight for the position of Fernando Uribe and Leonardo Castro, who did not travel to the tour.

The problem for Millonarios, as in many passages last season, with practically the same players as this Saturday, was that everything he managed, everything he played, everything he touched the ball, did not help him score a goal. And those things can be paid dearly, as the development of the match showed.

River had gusts. At times he found himself greatly outmatched, stuck in an arc and with difficulties getting the ball out from the bottom. But there were also moments of good play, which allowed him to demand goalkeeper Álvaro Montero on a couple of occasions.

The goal that did not appear to Millonarios did reach River at 14 minutes into the second half, in a side charge in which the blue defense looked very bad. Esequiel Barco entered without a mark to head, goalkeeper Montero saved, but rebounded, the defense had no reaction and Emmanuel Mammana scored 1-0.

The game had unlimited substitutions and Gamero scored six in one hit, which blurred the game of his team and the game in general. After the departure, especially, of Cataño, Millonarios did not have the clarity and the ball again and River, who had the entry of Miguel Ángel Borja in the second stage, found the golden opportunity to increase the advantage.

In a counterattack in which the blue defense was terribly bad, Borja was hand in hand with Montero, who had no choice but to bring him down in the area. Clear penalty that the Colombian striker converted to make it 2-0.

By then, defender Felipe Peña Biafore, from River, had already seen the red card for a double warning, at 40 minutes of the second stage.

What was seen in the United States was the same Millionaires of 2022, plus Daniel Giraldo, with all his virtues, such as handling and dominance, and with all his defects, such as the unbalanced defense and the lack of solutions from the bench. We will have to wait for the contribution of the two reinforcements that have not yet debuted.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
sports deputy editor

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