Mother of a missing youth: “I need to find my son”

“I need to find my son, I need to know what happened to my son. I’m desperate…”.

That is the cry of Brenda Maldonado-Riverawho since last August 20 lives in despair of not knowing the whereabouts of her son, Josbriel Rivera28, who was last seen at a gas station in the municipality of Vega Baja.

“Any information, any detail, even the smallest, please contact the authorities. I need to find my son. It is very desperate. I know that the people will help me…”the woman pleaded through tears.

Josbriel, father of a five-year-old boy, was last seen at 1:34 am on August 20 at a gas station in the Algarroba neighborhood, in Vega Baja. According to her mother, then, it is assumed that she went to San Juan to look for her sentimental partner, who was attending a concert, but never came to pick her up. “Right now we do not have any data that can lead us to clarify what happened”he expressed.

For the past nine days, the family – thanks to the support of friends – has formed search groups in the hope of getting answers, since, he said, the Police have not provided information with the regularity they expected. “The Police and the Government limit you. I am desperate and if I have to spend the night in Fortaleza, if I have to spend the night in the Capitol I will do itbut I need an answer, which they are not giving me,” said Maldonado Rivera.

Josebriel Rivera.
Josebriel Rivera. (Supplied)

The parent maintained that it is she – like Josbriel’s father – who constantly calls the Police in search of information. Sometimes, she added, they are the ones who share with the Uniformed data that comes to her knowledge for investigation.

“I understand that the Police do not have the resources, but they do not have the sensitivity of a call, at least daily, saying: ‘I have information, I don’t have it, Mrs. Brenda Isabel, but we are still searching.’ I think they would be words of encouragement, ”she said, for her part, Vivian Maldonado RoblesFriend of the family.

The new day requested information from the Police on this case, but to date, no response has been received.

In the midst of his pain, Maldonado Rivera called today for the implementation of the “Enabling Law to implement the Ashanti Alert Plan”signed by the governor Peter Pierluisi on May 12 of last year, but which remains inactive, denounced the representative Edgardo Feliciano Sanchez. In fact, the alert was not used in Josbriel’s disappearance.

“It is unfortunate that the Police Bureau today is not complying with this law and we have families suffering the disappearance of a loved one. This was created with the sole purpose of saving lives and that our families do not suffer”, Feliciano Sánchez denounced the mechanism.

The Ashanti Law must be activated in an expeditious manner by the Police Bureau in the face of reports of persons over 18 years of age who are missing and whose safety is compromised, even as a result of a kidnapping. The alert must be disseminated as soon as possible -once the complaint has been filed- and repeatedly following the guidelines of the Emergency Alert System.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) must make electronic posters available (billboards) located on public roads for issuing the alert. This is not happening either. “If today this law had been in action, perhaps this mother would not be going through this pain,” said Feliciano Sánchez.

Josbriel’s family has placed images of the young man with his data and information from the authorities through billboards located on PR-22 and PR-2, but it is an initiative that they have managed to pay for thanks to the help of friends, despite the provisions of the law.

The legislator explained that on June 24 he sent a letter to the secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Alexis Torresdenouncing the breach of the statute and, to date, has not received a response. “The Pink Alert worked and recently the life of a woman from Caguas was saved, so if it had worked as God intended, perhaps this mother who is here would not be suffering what she is suffering”, asserted the popular representative about the mechanism that is used during disappearances or kidnappings of women.

“This should not wait, this should not even be in a drawer, because this is not a whim, this is a necessity in society”pointed out Maldonado Robles.

At the time of his disappearance, Rivera Maldonado was wearing a hoodie red, a torn blue denim and white sneakers. She was driving a gray Infinity car that had a dent in the doors on the right side. The license plate of the vehicle is: VAT 029.

If you have any information about this case, you can call the confidential Police line at 787-343-2020 or the Manatí Criminal Investigations Corps (CIC) at 787-854-2020.

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