Movistar Plus+ broadcasts the gala live

Movistar Plus+ will broadcast the gala of the Oscar Awards 2022 the morning of this Sunday 27 to Monday 28 March. Maria Gomez will lead the program, which will count on the collaborations of Mary War and Christina Teva one more year from the red carpet in Los Angeles. Adding the participation of Sanguine John, Elena Neira and Valeria Vegas.

The 2022 Oscar Awards on Movistar Plus+

The broadcast of the special program Oscar night 2022 will start in Premieres 2 by M+ (dial 31), on #0 by M+ (dial 7) and on the pop up channel The Oscars® for M+ (dial 28) simultaneously, which will review the nominations starting at 00:00. Later, in Premieres 2 by M+exclusively, the Red carpet (00:30 a.m.) and the awards gala (02:00 a.m.).

Maria Gomez will conduct the broadcast, accompanied by film specialists Mary War and Juan Sanguino, of the writer and screenwriter Valeria Vegas and the expert in RRSS (social networks) and the audiovisual industry Elena Neira. From Los Angeles, they will connect on the red carpet live with Christina Teva and Mulder’s Guide.

The 94th Academy Awards It will take place at dawn from March 27 to 28.

oscars 2022
Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes will host the 94th Academy Awards.

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