Murcia Elections – Movies I An electoral campaign worthy of a movie in the Region of Murcia

An electoral campaign worthy of a movie in the Region of MurciaIT

ladies and gentlemen of Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and even filming: pay attention if you are looking for talent for your companies, because in the Region of Murcia overflows. See if not the posters of the election campaign deployed throughout the Community for the next 28M. His series and movie promotions are overshadowed, because it seems that Murcians are watching the stars of ‘the billboard’, and never better said.

Goal achieved: has been achieved attract public attention, which after all is the idea and work of every publicist. The images have attracted attention, there is not a citizen who does not remember them, and incidentally they associate it with the slogan that is used in each one of them. Whoever is behind each of these works deserves to opt for a good signing with a successful Platform of streaming.

Another thing is that It is shocking to see Murcian political leaders in these… circumstances? But hey, as Xuxa said, it’s time to play. Ilari, ilari, ilarié, oh, oh, oh, this is the show… Murcia. Here, every game with its movie. Since politics rules the world and it gets more serious every day, from time to time it doesn’t hurt to take a little iron out of it. Even for mental health.

‘Serious guy’ (Joel Coen and Ethan Coen)

Pepe Velez He was the first to stupefy everyone who came across a canopy. Nobody knew very well if he was facing a promotion for a docuseries of Netflix (or your reality to the I’m Georgina), but the truth is that seeing the PSOE candidate to the presidency of the Region of Murcia as if from The professor of The Money Heist it was had an immediate effect: it went from being on marquees to also having an overpresence on Twitter. And today, votes are also played on social networks. Let them tell Ayuso.

‘One for all’ (David Ilundain)

Fernando Lopez Miras, who wants to repeat as head of the regional Executive, is a president ‘for everyone’, because by teaming up ‘more and better’ is produced. The curious thing about this whole story is that when looking at the name of the popular man turned into a acronym (LM), we ended up seeing Lopez Miras Film, as if it were an optical illusion. Now that you have started the Film Commission under his mandate, anyone can think with this ‘subliminal’ message: Is López Miras the new Enrique Cerezo region of?

‘Orange is the New Black’ (Jenji Kohan)

To be honest, in this Game of Thrones Only one has been crowned as the Mother of dragons, with a message with which he throws the noose around the neck of his adversaries without having to mention them. “You deserve a president who doesn’t end up in jail,” says the poster of Maria Jose Rosof citizens. She promises not to be the protagonist of the prison series Orange is the New Black, however orange its formation may be. Although he makes a veiled allusion to the case of Escombreras (Valcárcel), Auditorio (Pedro Antonio Sánchez), Calasparra (Pepe Vélez)… Oops.

‘Enemy of the people’ (Mikko Kuparinen)

We do not have, for the moment, a campaign poster for the autonomous Can nor of Maria Marin -who could be the protagonist of enemy of the people that bursts any fake news-, but the purple formation likes to fight against the ‘alleged’ hoaxes. Rare is the rally, or the tweet, in which they do not mention the media. Take a step back damn hoaxthat there are meetings to bore with All the president’s wives (journalism, the fourth estate).

‘Green Zone: Protected District’ (Paul Greengrass)

Neither vox He has still brought out the artillery in this regard, but it is known that Abascal’s party likes show off their identity and raise the flag. And so, in a big way, he has deployed it in the Region of Murcia. What makes them different from Officer Miller (Matt Damon in Green Zone) is that he was trying to discover the truth among a tangle of confusing information. However, Vox, with Jose Angel Antelo As a captain, he does not have that problem, nobody confuses him: “Our message is very clear. Without security there is no freedom. Secure borders, safe neighborhoods,” they said in a tweet accompanied by this image.

‘Into the Wild’ (Sean Penn)

If Pedro Sánchez took the car in his time to go around Spain and Yolanda Díaz is immersed in her ‘listening’ meetings, More Region it would not be less. Road and blanket, that is a tour. The party is a big addict to the genre of calls road movies. All good as long as this doesn’t turn into Highway to Hell nor in Road to Perdition. Who knows: Green Book it took the Oscar for Best Picture in its year.

Bonus Track: from Madrid to Moncloa passing through Segovia

‘Wonder Woman’ (Patty Jenkins)

DC Comics and DC Entertainment present… Wonder Womanthe woman willing to become the leader of Madrid. begona villacis it just can’t bequeen of the south because it is already known that Madrid is in the center, as much as citizens (a party of the center, remember), but there is something that can be: the true Mockingjay from the city. Yeah Jennifer Lawrence was able to survive The Hunger Games for defending her district, she too.

‘La la land, the city of stars’ (Damien Chazelle)

Clara Marin she wants to be the mayoress of Segovia and she doesn’t bite her tongue, she says it ‘clearly’. Yeah Shakira has busted his views mentioning this word in his song with bizarre, the polls may also explode with so many PSOE ballots in Segovia. If she wins, her voters deserve that the Colombian artist perform at the next patron saint festivities. In fact, it should be a campaign promise. The issue is the reading that is made of this: the candidate uses the word that Shakira uses in her topic in reference to Clara Chia (the new girlfriend of Pique), but… do you remember the stanza and its context? “He has the name of a good person, clearly not what he sounds like.” According to the reading he has done, he may be as disappointed as the team at la la land when they said their name on Oscar night by mistake… There was no award for them.

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ (David Frankel)

about Yolanda Diaz It doesn’t have a name, but it does have a description: how to take advantage of negative criticism, turn it around, take it to your own ground and, on top of that, achieve success. Piece of merchandising has been marked Addjust the day that the second vice president of the Government has run as a candidate for Moncloa. In her early days in politics, Díaz was heavily criticized for her wardrobe. Now, on the contrary, she stands out precisely because of the great change in her style, something for which she is also criticized. Seeing this, Sumar has added humor: if there are people who see -even today- in the figure of the passion flower ‘a red devil’, Yolanda Díaz is The devil you wore Prada: the fashionaria.

Having seen all these images, let each one choose which one to place on a badge or on a ribbon rosette that says ‘vote for’, if they dare.

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