Natalie Portman claimed that “entire sequences, planets, characters and worlds” were removed from Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunderr could include several surprises in its home launch. While it’s still too early to think about the movie’s Blu-Ray debut considering the new Marvel Studios hit theaters this week, the cast continues to point out that there would be plenty of footage that didn’t make it to the final version. from the fourth god of thunder movie.

Specifically, after Christian Bale said that scenes with two characters from previous installments of the MCU were removed, now Natalie Portman revealed that the final cut of the film also left out moments that would have involved other characters and planets.

During an interview with the IndieWire portal, Portman reflected on what it was like to film Thor: Love and Thunder and explained that director Taika Waititi created a fairly free environment marked by improvisation.

“Taika was quite brave in letting us seriously change the plot due to certain choices we made in the scene and certain places we decided to go,” commented Portman. “Some of it was right and some of it was not right. Some of it ended up in the movie, some of it didn’t, but it was pretty amazing to get to play and have that freedom on the emotional stuff as well as the comedic stuff.”

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“There are entire sequences, planets, characters and worlds that didn’t end up in the movie that were hilarious and amazing. and (to which) we put a lot of time and energy, and certainly the whole team also designed and conceived”, he added. “It’s just amazing how much great material is not in the movie, considering how much great material is in it. Usually it’s like you’re just trying to get enough good stuff to put in the movie, and this kind of boiled over. So that was really surprising.”

In general, Marvel Studios includes a couple of deleted scenes in the home releases of their movies, so it only remains to be hoped that when love and thunder Some of those scenes Portman mentioned will be revealed on Blu-ray, DVD and digital, and who knows, maybe even Lena Headey’s outcast role will be shown.

The official premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder It will be this July 7.

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