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Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who played Missandei in Game of Thrones, referred to his controversial death in the series. In a new interview, the interpreter referred to the controversy raised by her departure from her show, in one of the most controversial seasons of television.

What did Nathalie Emmanuel say about Game of Thrones?

in conversation with NME, Nathalie Emmanuel talked about the debate that her death opened in the final season of game of Thrones. And it is that, as the only Afro-descendant woman in the leading cast of the series, her final scene He had multiple questions.

In addition, in the condition that occurred, it increased the criticism even more. And it is that this was beheaded in a powerful and emotional moment, which provoked the fury of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and, in some way, provoked the questioned events that happened in the last chapters.

“It was never a show that would please everyone or have happy endings. When did it do what everyone wanted it to do?”began Nathalie Emmanuel on the questioning of the season end of Game of Thrones.

Watching it as Nathalie, the fan, I have my favorite characters and my own ideas about what happened to them or who I would have liked to see more of.”, began the actress who was in most of the series. In addition, she pointed out that her character Remember the importance of diversity.


“I think killing her speaks to how there can be more than just one person of color on these big-budget shows,” Nathalie Emmanuel stated. “When we do them in the future, we need to have andthis idea of ​​inclusion from the beginning”he continued.

This would be seen in the prequel Game of Thrones, House Of The Dragon, which has a more diverse cast than the first series. However, some fans have criticized this with racist messages, that their own stars came out to question.

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