New images of Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Causeway’: another Oscar nomination?

Causeway is the film debut of the director lila neugebauer, but also one more example of how, with very little, actress Jennifer Lawrence can mimic any role. The Oscar winner comes from don’t look up, the controversial film by Adam McKay that slipped among the nominees for the statuettes last year. That interpretation of Lawrence did not even get the consideration of the academics, a feeling contrary to what this last film arouses, for which has already received more than one glorious praise.

Lila Neugebauer in a scene directing Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Causeway’ (Apple TV +)

The film narrates the return home of an American soldier who must readjust to society after suffering a brain injury in the war in Afghanistan. Causeway premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and the first critics, albeit with discrepancies, have praised Lawrence’s work in a type of role that, on the other hand, tends to be very popular in the face of the most important award nominations. Unable to fully fend for herself due to her injury, during rehab he meets James (Tyree Henry). The two feel united by their past and traumas and it will be through that friendship that they find the compassion for each other that they do not find in themselves.

‘Causeway’ (AppleTV+)

The new images provide a new look at that interpretation and the relationship between the two characters through intimate photography created by Diego Garcia (Tokyo Vice, too old to die young). Lawrence rose to fame after starring as Katniss Everdeen in the franchise. The Hunger Games and, later being the new Mystique in the relaunch of the X-Men prequels. She got her Oscar in 2013 for The good side of thingsbut two years earlier he obtained this first consideration thanks to his magnificent role in Winter’s Bone. Subsequently, the actress has obtained two more nominations for The great American scam and by Joy.

‘Causeway’ (AppleTV+)

Seriephiles will recognize Henry from series like Boardwalk Empire or for his interpretation of the rapper “Paper Boi” in Atlanta. However, he is known more now due to recent roles such as the role of Phastos in Eternals or being a hitman in bullet train with Brad Pitt. Causeway It is produced by Lawrence herself, IAC Films and A24. It will arrive on the Apple TV + platform on November 4.

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