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The Director of Corporate Affairs of Walmart Puerto Rico, Iván Báez, confirmed this afternoon to THE SPOKESPERSON that, to date, a week after Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico, nine chain stores are operating with electric generators.

These are the two Walmarts in Ponce, the one in Mayagüez, Isabela, Carolina, Guayama and Santa Isabel, and the Sam’s Club in Carolina and Ponce.

“At the moment, we have nine stores out of 25 operating with a generator. We had an incident the day before yesterday in Cayey, in which the store ran out of diesel, but we quickly worked with the government authorities to supply us with diesel… In today’s case, we have the Escorial store that had a problem with the generator, which we are repairing, ”Báez explained to this medium.

LUMA Energy ensures that some 802,000 customers have electricity service

Meanwhile, given the panorama that the country is experiencing, the also president of the Retail Trade Association called on LUMA Energy to accelerate the work to restore the electrical service.

“My exhortation to LUMA is that they energize as soon as possible because as long as they energize as soon as possible, then we can work as quickly as possible and continue serving the population… As you know, generators are not designed to operate for large amounts of time and naturally, they can fail”, he insisted.

Although he could not give an exact figure due to losses due to diesel expenses, repairs and schedule limitations, Báez estimated that it would be around the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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