NYT points out that Joe Biden “fears” closeness between AMLO and Ken Salazar

After the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazarwould imply that he supports the president’s speech Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador about the 2006 electoral theft, US officials close to Joe Biden fear that this means a “setback” in US relations and interests in Mexico.

According to The New York Times, the example of Salazar’s “alignment” with López Obrador is described as “worrying” by several US officials, after the top US diplomat in Mexico seemed at times to “contradict” the policies of his own government for siding with the Mexican president.

According to US government officials, maintaining cooperation with Mexico meant avoiding conflict with a “volatile” Mexican leader who has the power to affect Joe Biden’s political future by refusing to stem migration.

Since taking the job, Ken Salazar has, in fact, managed to get closer to AMLObut within the US government there is growing concern that, in the process of rapprochement, the ambassador has risked US interests and has not used the relationship to advance policy when Joe Biden needs it most, according to interviews. with more than a dozen officials, former officials and government analysts made by TNYT.

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With information from The New York Times.


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