Overshirts: how to combine the most comfortable trend of autumn 2022?

The overshirts they are the style solution in any season. They combine the best of shirts and the structure of jackets, cover from low temperatures if necessary, or simply add a chic touch to denim shorts and T-shirts. They act like a blazer, but with a more casual soul, and thanks to their different materials they can easily replace the knitted sweaters.

According to fashion trends who will reign in 2022, the overshirts either sockets They will have a privileged place. The fall is getting closer, and in some parts of the world they are already preparing for the change of climate, this translates into the idea of ​​a new wardrobe. The trench coat, leather jackets and blazers are already insured. But how about we take an avant-garde twist? It will be simple, it will only be enough to include this garment with a lumberjack essence, and everything will be fine.

The overshirt, in its light version, will be the faithful companion of midi dresses, as Eva Longoria already presented it. When little breezes arrive, a tank top and jeans will work just fine, but when the frost approaches, leather pants and a turtleneck top will look great, combined with a corduroy jacket.

This design returned as the style wildcardsince it will be the safe bet to create instant looks in Fall-Winter 2022. Here is some inspiration from the fashion experts.

Where have we seen the trend of wearing overshirts?


Printed overshirt by Valentino, Pre-Fall 2022.


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