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Alexandra Daddario made it very clear: nobody can mess with Leah Jeffries, the new Annabeth in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’. This was what she told her.

It was recently announced that Leah Jeffries was joining Walker Scobell (the adam project) in the series Percy Jackson and the Olympiansexclusive production of Disney Plus, that will raise us years before the first story we learned through Logan Lerman Y Alexandra Daddario.

Although the fandom of Percy Jackson, the teenager who discovers his quality as a demigod, is quite large and strong, it has recently been shown that a good part preaches racism. After Jefrries, a young African-American woman, took the role, the comments on social networks exploded.

This is what Alexandra Daddario looked like as Annabeth in ‘Percy Jackson’ in 2010.

The harassment of the actress was constant and Alexandra Daddario, who played the same role in the film adaptation, has responded for her. “Leah Jeffries will be an amazing Annabeth!” wrote the actress who also starred in one of HBO Max’s best series, The White Lotus. The tweet, at the moment, has more than 120 thousand likes and too many aggressive comments, in which they question whether the choice of the cast is correct.

Rick Riordan, writer of the Percy Jackson novel, also came out to defend his new protagonist. The above was done through a post on his personal blog, which he called something that should be “unnecessary.”

The new cast of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’.

If you have a casting problem, take it out on me. Whatever they take away from this post, we should all agree that cyberbullying and harassing a girl is inexcusably wrong.

So far, Leah Jeffries has not raised her voice on or off social media. Percy Jackson an the Olympians is coming exclusively to Disney Plus. However, there is no official release date yet. Percy Jackson gained international recognition after becoming one of the most beloved youth literary franchises; subsequently, he satisfied the fandom with the adaptation led by Logan Lerman in 2010.

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