Purslane Night did not turn out as expected

La Noche Verdolaga, an event organized by Atlético Nacional que had its first edition this Saturday, it did not have the brightness that many expected.

LThe heavy rain that hit the city of Medellín in the afternoon and which lasted until night, forced the postponement of the match against Alianza Lima, which was the highlight of the event, and the cancellation of the musical shows that were planned.

The commitment, which could not be carried out because the land was filled with large puddles, It was rescheduled for this Sunday at 11:00 am The income will be made with the same ticket that was used the night before.

it poured rain

The water contributed to keep the fans away from the Atanasio Girardot stadium, venue of the event. Of course, the discomfort that the fans have been dragging on for several days, who on social networks have expressed their discomfort at the way in which the club was strengthened, also had an influence.

In fact, through different media they carried out a campaign so that people did not attend the sports scene, in which Los del Sur programmed some activities of protest, which at first did not have the expected accompaniment, due to the downpour, but which became massive when it subsided, for a few minutes.

Female team

The day’s agenda was graced by the presentation of the women’s team which, unlike the men’s, has several names that seduce the fans.

The members of the selection Colombia, Yesica Paola Munoz and Daniela Montoya They are among the list of soccer players who paraded on the stage that was installed in the Atanasio, among the applause of the few who dared to challenge the water.

Geraldine Cardona, sister of the skilled midfielder from Antioquia, He is also part of this team that will be led by the coach Marco Barrioswho at the beginning of the week took office.

Castro’s return did not go down well

This Saturday the presentation of the men’s team was also made, in which, as is obvious, the contracts for 2023 appeared: Francisco Da Costa, Cristian Zapata, Juan Felipe Aguirre, Sergio Mosquera and Jader Barbosa da Silva Gentil.

It also drew attention that other players who were not in the plans of many, but who, as the rumors suggested, will end up staying, as is the case of Cristian Blanco, who is not well accepted among the fans, were present at the place. .

“Since it wasn’t going to rain like that, yes Christian White the sacred green and white one becomes again”, he commented at nightfall Sebastian Florez, one of the fans of the green who showed his annoyance at the return of the side.

One of those who surprisingly did not appear in the presentation was the midfielder Brayan Rovira, whom the technical director Paulo Autuori and lHe had been given the go-ahead for him to stay after passing through Tolima.

Will more reinforcements arrive?

Among the little good that the dark Purslane Night left for the followers is the testimony that they gave to Win Sports on technical director Paulo Autuori and the president of the institution, Mauricio Navarro.

The coach stated that the possibility of more players arriving is never fully closed, while the manager acknowledged that they are still studying the option for a particular position, which he preferred to leave in reserve.


Season tickets have been sold by Nacional for the 2023 tournaments, among which the Libertadores stands out.

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