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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that his military operation in Ukraine is a “success.”and that he will not let this country become a “platform” for “aggressive actions” against Russia.

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“The operation is proceeding successfully, in strict accordance with the pre-established plans,” Putin declared on television, assuring once again that he had no intention of “occupying” Ukraine.

The president also considered that the western sanctions and condemnations that hit the Russian government, its economy and its culture are comparable to the persecutions against the Jews.

“The West has dropped the mask of decency and started to act in a hateful way. Parallels are drawn with anti-Semitic pogroms,” he said, during a government meeting broadcast on television.

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In his speech, Putin promised financial aid to individuals and companies to face the avalanche of sanctions and assured that the economic “lightning war” against his country failed.

The leader acknowledged that the situation “was not easy” and inflation is on the rise, but he promised to maintain “the salaries of civil servants”, pensions and remove administrative obstacles for business. Putin said that Western countries wanted “the destruction of Russia” but that their “economic blitzkrieg failed.”


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