Querétaro and its six changes of ownership in the last decade

The 71-year history of the White Roosters of Quertetaro in Mexican soccer have been accompanied by declines, disappearances, name changes, moves and constant changes of owners.

In the last decade alone, the Queretaro team, which this Tuesday could be disaffiliated due to the violent events of last Saturday that left a balance of 26 people injured at La Corregidora Stadiumhas changed owners six times.

The 2004 to 2011According to documents from the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property, the company that owns the club was Sports and Social Events Queretanos SA de CV of the brothers Jorge and Gerardo Vázquez Mellado Zolezzi, who is designated as legal advisor to the current Governor of the entity, Mauricio Kuri.

On 2011 the transfer of rights went to the civil association Queretaro Board of Trustees for Sports Developmentbut two years later AJL Futbol del Golfo SA de CV and its owner Amado Yáñez appeared at the head of Gallos Blanco.

However, the team was taken away due to a bank fraud that Yáñez was charged with in 2014 by the Property Administration and Disposal Service (SAE), and the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

In that same year the club was sold to Sport Image Queretaro SA de CVcompany owned by Olegario Vazquez Aldirwhich has, among other companies, the Angeles Hospitals, Banco Multiva and the communication media Imagen Televisión, in open signal, and Excelsior Newspaper.

But Imagen barely lasted five years as the owner of the team, because in December 2019 hot groupowner of Xolos de Tijuana and Dorados de Sinaloa, acquired the franchise through a firm with the name Club Gallos Blancos SA de CV, which remained in charge only until mid-2020, that is, barely half a year, when the Liga MX announced another change of ownership.

At that time, the main character of the new administration was the businessman Emilio EscalanteWith Gabriel Solares and Manuel Velarde. However, the first one got off the ship a few days later, only to stay with the Atlante.


It was so that in the papers as owner he remained Solaz Sports and Entertainment SA de CVa company incorporated in 2019 in Tijuana by Jorgealberto Hank Inzunza, owner of Grupo Caliente, since Solares and Velarde allegedly decided to manage the institution with the same business name.

According to the weekly Processso it happened because Solares and Velarde allegedly bought the company, that is, to Solaz Sport and Entertainment, but not the affiliation certificate from Querétaro. This was explained by Escalante, who clarified that the purchase of the club from Grupo Caliente would be carried out in long terms.

Although the promoter of soccer players, Greg Taylor has also been listed as a team partner in recent years.particularly at the time of Velarde and Solares, this character has not been listed as the owner before public recordsalthough the day the arrival of Escalante, Solares and Velarde was announced, the feathered club also reported that other shareholders would be former soccer player Jorge Santillana, the aforementioned Taylor, as well as Alfonso and Javier Solloa, among others.

Last Sunday, the president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, assured Mediotiempo that the owner of the club and representative of the same before the Mexican Soccer Federation is Solares.

However, that same day, the general director of the Roosters, Adolfo Ríos, affirmed that the owners are between the ten and eleven partners mentioned.

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