‘Redfall’ could arrive on Xbox in early May

Xbox has been in a drought of more than a year without releasing exclusive AAA games. The last thing the Microsoft platform received was Halo Infinite in November 2021, and since then fans have been waiting with less and less patience for Redmond to regain their composure. Fortunately, the story would change drastically in 2023 and one of the last big news would be related to redfall.

The first person shooter game developed by Arkane Studios It would arrive at the beginning of May, if there are no inconveniences. The novelty was known in recent days through a report from windows central, which cites sources related to the project. On Twitter, meanwhile, journalist Tom Warren, from The Vergehinted that handles the same information.

Details regarding the release of redfall they are not much deeper. The aforementioned medium indicates that, if there were no setbacks, the game would be available on the market in the first days of May. As usual with Microsoft games, it would not only reach the Xbox Series X | S, but also would be available from day one on PC via Steam, Xbox Game Pass and the Microsoft Store.

But this is not all. Apparently the Redmonds want to endow redfall of a system of early access. Specifically, a modality similar to the one used in force horizon 5where when buying the Premium version of the game you could access it a couple of days before the rest, along with other benefits.

Will be redfall a snack to calm the cravings for Starfield?

Redfall, Xbox Game Pass

The news of the possible arrival of redfall at the beginning of May has generated diverse reactions among the public. While some have seen it as a promising sign that Xbox will regain leadership in terms of exclusive games, after a 2022 without releases of this type. Others have been rather less kind to the rumor; but not because of the Arkane Studios game itself, but because of what it may mean for the launch of Starfield.

It’s clear that the AAA exclusive title that Xbox fans are looking forward to is Starfield. Since it was announced in 2018, the anticipation has been through the roof. In fact, the first trailer has been more than promising. However, the delays in reaching the public have exhausted the patience of the players.

Microsoft’s idea was that Starfield would arrive on Xbox and PC in November 2022, but in May it announced that the game would be delayed until the first half of 2023. And with the rumors that redfall It will arrive at the beginning of May. many wonder if the Bethesda game could suffer a new setback.

But why not think that Starfield I can debut before redfall? The possibility is open, of course. However, the lack of news —or even rumors— about the state of its development, promotion or availability, paint a less than optimistic picture among the public.

Let’s not forget that during The Game Awards 2022, those from Redmond made a fool of themselves for being the only one of the big firms in the industry not to make announcements during the ceremony. When fans expected even a minimal reference to Starfield or another AAA exclusive, all they received was an Xbox Game Pass commercial.

A short time ago, Phil Spencer acknowledged that Xbox has gone too long without exclusive games; but he promised that 2023 would come with good news. Will be redfall the one in charge of cutting more than a year of drought? We will be attentive to the news.

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