Regé-Jean Page: Here’s what Bridgerton will do next


There is life after Bridgerton. And what a life, one might say, if we looked at it from the point of view of Regé-Jean Page. And of his fans, of course. The sexiest British actor on the small screen is spreading his wings to fly high. That is to say, to get as far as Hollywood. And judging by the news coming from America, he succeeded in the coup. Bridgerton opened the doors to the movies that matter to him.

Regé-Jean Page

Is there life after Bridgerton? For Regé-Jean Page certainly yes. Here’s what the sexiest duke on tv is up to. Getty photo

The trio of wonders with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans

We had left him in the shoes (or without) of Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. We find him sharing the scene with two other cinema sex symbols like Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. 31-year-old Regé-Jean Page has just joined the cast of The Gray Man, “The most expensive movie in Netflix history”.

The Gray Man is based on the debut novel by Mark Greaney, published in 2009. It is the first novel starring the Gray Man, a freelance assassin and former CIA agent called Court Gentry. The action thriller tells the story of Gentry (played by Ryan Gosling) as he is chased around the world by Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former CIA colleague. The film is based on the first book in the series. In addition to the trio of wonders, there are also in the cast Billy Bob Thorton And Ana De Armas. The Russo brothers (The Avengers) direct.

With the sword of Dungeons & Dragons

The ladder to success is long. But so far Regé-Jean Page has already managed to climb several steps. For example by getting the lead role in the film adaptation of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The English actor will work alongside Chris Pine And Michelle Rodriguez in the film directed by Johnathan Goldstein And John Francis Daley. Who are writing the script, on which, however, there is the utmost confidentiality.

regé-jean page


Regé-Jean Page dressed like this reminds you of nothing? It is rumored in London that his name may soon be Bond. James Bond. Getty photo

The Fascinating Rumor: Will Regé-Jean Page Be James Bond?

Since he is English. Seeing as it’s sexy. Since he has the right physique. Since we are in the era of Black lives matter. Since the substitute for Daniel Craig has not yet been found. Since … The premises, in short, are all there for the most fascinating suggestion of the moment. What if Regé-Jean Page became the new James Bond? It’s true: we have yet to see No time to die and we are already thinking about the next one. But time is running out and the new 007 needs a name and a face. What do you think?




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