Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin in Africa

From May 27, the Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin brands will be available in several countries in Africa.

Every launch is exhilarating. Our brands are about to become accessible everywhere, for everyone. But expand into eight African countries is both very important to me, from a personal point of view, but it is also a huge step forward in our mission to make Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin available worldwide says singer Rihanna, who launched Fenty Beauty in 2017 in 17 countries.

Since its first steps, inclusiveness has been at the heart of the brand. The story goes that Rihanna came up with the idea for Fenty Beauty after searching for products that work on all skin types and skin tones. She wanted to help each person to feel beautiful and recognized, regardless of their skin color, origins, culture or style “. In line with the inclusion promoted by the singer, Fenty Beauty offers a wide range of products for skin tones that are traditionally difficult to make up. The brand creates formulas suitable for all skin types, with universal shades.

In the process, in 2020, Rihanna launches her skincare range, Fenty Skin, which reinforces her mission to offer simple and effective beauty solutions for everyone.

Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin will be available in Africa at the following retailers: Arc Stores and Edgars in South Africa, Essenza in Nigeria, Lintons Beauty in Kenya, Edgars in Namibia and Botswana, Essenza in Ghana, Color Café in Zambia, and Catts in Zimbabwe.

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