“Risk of a new variant, more lethal and more contagious than those we know”

There would be, lurking, one variant particularly dangerous coronavirus, that is, more fatal and more contagious than those we know (variant Omicron 2 is already very contagious). It supports it Bill Gates: “We haven’t seen the worst of the Covid“. The Microsoft billionaire told the FT that there is a “greater than five percent” risk of seeing a pandemic generated by a more transmissive and “even more fatal” variant of the virus. Gates previously warned that the worst of the pandemic would come in December 2021. And in 2015 he said the world was not ready for a pandemic.

The risk of this variant appearing is “well above five percent” and means we have yet to see the worst of the pandemic. Gates’ warning comes after Dr. Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusDirector-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), this week he warned that people still need to protect themselves from the virusand that the decline in Covid testing and surveillance in many countries has left the world at risk of a resurgence of infections.

Gates – whose new book “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic” is out – advised governments around the world to invest in a team of epidemiologists and computer scientists to help identify global health threats in the future.
He called his plan the initiative Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization and he said it should be run by WHO – the only body that has claimed to be able to build and manage the “top-tier” team of experts at a cost of about $ 1 billion a year.

He said WHO’s current funding model was “not serious about pandemics at all” and that fewer than ten people worked full-time on epidemic preparedness.

Day hospitalizations for Covid in the UK hit a two-month low and deaths plummeted 40% in one week. The government’s daily data – that it is becoming less and less reliable as fewer and fewer tests are being done and the free ones were eliminated – they showed there were 1,186 hospitalizations across the UK on 23 April.

This means nearly 18 percent less than the previous week and a 36 percent drop in two weeks. Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests that 2.4 million people in England were infected with the virus last week, equivalent to one in 25 people – down a quarter from the previous week.

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