Salernitana hires coach Davide Nicola again two days after his dismissal

The story of Nicola and the Salernitana was incredible to end so soon

The salernitanajust two days after dismissing the Italian Davide Nicolawho achieved salvation last season, decided this Wednesday to rehire his services after the coach himself asked the club president.

On tuesday night, nicola got the call from Danilo Iervolinopresident of the granota club where the Mexican plays Guillermo Ochoa, who wanted to explain the reasons for his dismissal. The coach took advantage of the moment to successfully ask him to reconsider his return.

“I asked the president with all my might to review the dismissal provision, knowing that I was touching the fibers of a human soul that has a deep sensitivity to understand and that wants to build a different type of football. Because I love Salerno and I blindly believe in this project “, revealed nicola on their social networks.

The story of nicola and the salernitana it was too pretty to end so soon. The 49-year-old coach arrived a year ago at a recently promoted team that was going bottom, far from the places of salvation that he managed to grab on the last day, managing for the first time in the club’s history to stay in A series.

The first season without being recently promoted in the top flight of Italian football was not going badly and the team was nine points from relegation. However, the bulky 8-2 defeat against Atalanta last Sunday led to the salernitana decided to remove him.

“I thank the president for having called me, this is proof that the new football is a football of passion and heart and for this reason I WANT to repay his trust with all my strength and with all the passion I have”, he added.

“We have weeks of hard work and continuous discussion ahead of us to achieve our goals. Now let’s start again together, ALL of us, and tell another extraordinary football story, giving back to the granota fans the same passion and the same sense of belonging that they unconditionally show us. This it is Salerno, this is salernitana: much more than a football team”, he sentenced.

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