Selena Gomez celebrates Miley Cyrus’ new album without makeup and she looks amazing

    The ‘celebrities’ have taken to sharing their faces with a clean face, claiming the power of naturalness. Some have already joined it, such as kim kardashianhis sister Kylie Jenner and even Lady Gaga and the truth is that we cannot be more fans. As in one of her songs, ‘Naturally’, Selena Gomez a new image has been released and shared in which shows her pimples with two very natural ‘selfies’ without filters or makeup and it is incredibly beautiful. Full non-filter power!

    Yes, there are those who love to see themselves with makeup much more than without it. But, in the same way, there are those who claim the power of natural beauty without him in networks and in life outside the cameras of our Iphones. Either option is incredibly positive and the celebrities of the moment know it. Now, they are betting on teaching that we are all the same and have the same complexes. and as he said that 2012 song: ‘Don´t you worry child’, because it is totally normal. It’s time to learn to feel good in each of our bodies.

    This has been done by one of our Disney ‘favs’ girls, Selena Gómez, who has been at her best for a few months in terms of self acceptance and positivity and is giving us reasons to love her -even more-. Her latest post on her Instagram account allows us to see her in the most natural version of her, without makeup and showing the acne that we all fear to show. With this, she has sent an indirect message: do not fear your inner self, live it.

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    Miley Cyrus, one of her ‘besties’

    Several years after the departure of the Disney girls who accompanied us in our adolescence, among them Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and ZendayaIt seems that they continue to have a good relationship. In this case, it is about Selena and the singer of ‘Flowers’Miley Cyrus and a detail in the photo of Gomez is the key.

    If we look at the text of the snapshot that Selena Gomez has shared, we can see that she has tagged Miley Cyrus and has written ‘Violet Chemistry’. It is one of the new album songs from the ex, Hannah Montana (who will always have a little hole in our hearts). And before this message among ‘besties’ we can only sing: ‘It’s magic, you know…’.

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