Selma Blair confesses: sexual abuse, alcoholism and daily life with multiple sclerosis


The actress publishes some shocking memoirs, ‘Bad Baby’, where she recounts her early addiction to alcohol, the two drunken rapes she suffered and her fight against the autoimmune disease that she was diagnosed with in 2018

Actress Selma Blair with her son Arthur.
Actress Selma Blair with her son Arthur.THE WORLD
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  • difficult moments Selma Blair on the harshness of her Christmas: “I’ve had trouble staying awake. And I’ve cried”

“Never drink water, only alcohol: wine, gin, whiskey or vodka. I fell, I vomited, I got upI was going to class.” Those were the days in college, with her Kappa Alpha Zeta sorority friends. One spring break, alone and drunk, she was trying to stagger home on the sidewalk. Two men cornered her and killed her. they raped. “They turned me upside down. I don’t know if they both raped me. One of them sure does,” he admits. He didn’t tell anyone. And it wouldn’t be the last time.

Actress Selma Blair (Michigan, 1972) confesses in a shocking memoir, bad baby (Camelot Editions), in which he narrates his teenage alcoholism (he tried alcohol at the age of seven), his comings and goings to rehabilitation centers (in Malib he coincided with Britney Spears and kept her platinum blonde wig as a souvenir), sexual abuse, his faith in seers and mediums, their frequent depressions and… the extreme pain of multiple sclerosis that took years to diagnose. All in a Hollywood setting of celebritiesparties where he suddenly appears Kate Moss or Sienna Millerdinners with Caire Danes and evenings at her friend Carrie Fisher’s house.

At the end of the 90s, Selma Blair appeared in all the magazines and was a promising actress who became fashionable thanks to cruel intentionsthat 99 film that updated dangerous friendships and that was engraved in the collective unconscious by the moist kiss between Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar, then on the crest of fame for being Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In addition, it was a time when lesbian visibility was rather low, especially on the big screen. with your air nihilist and somewhat neogrunge Selma Blair gave the profile for a tape underground or a commercial comedy (in A very legal blonde she was in Reese Witherspoon’s entourage and in The Sweetest Thing she was Cameron Diaz’s ideal friend). She participated in some low-key series or in hell boy by Guillermo del Toro. But the popular secondary actress is now the protagonist of her own book, where she reveals much more than expected, such as her hard fight against multiple sclerosis: she has endured stoic red carpets and Hollywood ceremonies, with dignity leaning on her cane and always with a smile despite the pain.

a photograph
A childhood photograph of Selma Blair.

bad baby it’s not a self-help or multiple sclerosis awareness memoir (which too). ‘Bad Baby’ is an attempt to explain itself without filters, reconcile with a family that it took weeks to give her a name (on her birth certificate only ‘Baby Girl Beitner’ -the Beitner’s baby- appeared; her two names, Selma and Blair, would come later and she alternated them as she pleased) and to break the stigma of his illness (alcoholemia and, later, sclerosis).

Selma Blair started drinking very early. As a teenager, she even wrote a poem to the olive of the Martini. And in high school I suffered his first trauma. It was December 1986 and the dean called her into her office. “It was a simple thing. He didn’t rape me. He didn’t threaten me. But he tore me apart,” Blair writes. The director propases with the student. And started drinking more. and more. Until the college wild days: “Drinking and waking up with a boy I didn’t like on top of me. I was taken advantage of so many times. And then the grown men came – real strangers – dominating me, invading me. I left my body and others entered it,” she writes.

She never told her fraternity friends about the street rape. Instead, she drinks. To disappear, to find some relief. “And the more she drank, the more she drank from the need to erase what she had done and the person she was when she was drunk,” she confesses. Until an even worse episode occurred. On a depressed night, in which her boyfriend had left with another, I mixed pills with alcohol. She was 22 years old and lived alone in New York, where she attended a thousand castings and tried to make her way as an actress. Since she didn’t know almost anyone in the city, she called a photographer who had recently shot her. he l picked her up and took her to bellevue hospital. Just before she got to Selma she passed out from her, she fell to sleep and hit her face on the sidewalk, so hard she broke a bone. She was knocked unconscious but the photographer, instead of leaving her in the hospital, took her back to her apartment. “All I know is that I passed out and when I opened my eyes, he was having sex with me,” she says in the book. Then she passed out again, and the next day a friend found her at her house. So yeah, she took her to the hospital and they did a stomach lavage. I did not report the photographer. And her parents admitted her to her first rehab clinic in Pontiac, Michigan. “It seems a bit like when you go to camp or boarding school, you’re with a bunch of people as crazy as you are. This particular facility was more like a state prison,” she recalls.

In bad baby Selma Blair alternates the crudest scenes with her frequent visits to tarot readers and fortune tellers (narrated with wry humor), the thousand castings and filmings, the meetings with Drew Barrymore and other actresses in Los Angeles or his brief marriage with ahmed zappathe son of the eccentric musician Frank Zappa (by the way, Karl Lagerfeld designed him an elegant and sober wedding dress saying: “Honey, this dress you will have at your next wedding”).

The actress Selma Blair, of ni
The actress Selma Blair, as a child, in a family image.

From the marrow to the scalp

Selma Blair’s life turned upside down in 2018, when she received a late diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. For many years, he went from consultation to consultation explaining his physical pains, the fever and tremors, the anxiety… But the doctors attributed the symptoms to hormones, to depression, to extreme tiredness, to malnutrition, to his natural nature. ‘neurasthenic’; One even told her that she would feel better if she had a boyfriend.

More than two million people suffer from multiple sclerosis in the world. It has no cure. But Selma Blair underwent an aggressive experimental treatment with chemotherapy to palliate the progression of the disease. “Living with multiple sclerosis isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s also much worse. It has affected every inch of my body, from scalp to bone marrow,” she admits. read to Joan Didion, one of her favorite writers, consoled her: she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1968 and dedicates some texts to the disease. “She didn’t feel alone anymore,” acknowledges Selma Blair, who has become a kind of spokesperson for sclerosis. In 2019, premiere the documentary Introducing Selma Blair, where he exposed with total frankness, from dignity and vulnerability, the effects of this autoimmune disease. There were very harsh images.

On bad days, if Selma gets up too fast, she falls down; chokes when eating and have incontinence; if he neglects the medication he loses the ability to speak and does not feel his body; forget what you had for breakfast or what you did 10 minutes ago; gets tired quickly and can hardly move; there are weeks that she sleeps most of the day… Selma Blair overcame her alcoholism after 20 years of fighting it, of therapies, rehabilitation centers and, above all, her son Arthur, whom she had in 2011. With the same force, in the manner of Joan Didion, she lives with sclerosis.

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