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On January 11, Shakira joined the Argentine producer Bizarrap to premiere the “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53″a collaboration in which the Colombian singer would shoot her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué and his current partner, Clara Chía Martí, with phrases that became a trend on social networks.

As expected, the “beef” that the Barranquillera threw at the Catalan couple divided users on social networks, because while some criticized the artist for her tendency to attack her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had an affair of more than than 10 years, others praised the composition, including mentions of twingo cars and Casio wristwatchesthis in reference to an alleged inferiority, compared to her.

Despite the controversy, the success of the song is undeniable, obtaining numerous Guinness records, reaching the top of the Billboard ranking and visiting the “The Tonight Show” to sing the song with Jimmy Fallon.

Together, Bizarrap and Shakira achieved 4 Guinness records, but the Colombian achieved many more individually (Photo: Guinness Record)


Although the song set a record on Spotify, the music platform recently temporarily blocked the “BZRP Music Session #53”, surprising the millions of lovers of the subject, who reported what happened on social networks.

The song, which went viral due to its controversial lyrics in which he throws different hints at his ex-partner Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, accumulates more than 405 million views on YouTube and another 407 million on Spotify.

Among the milestones of this song are the one with the best reach and the highest number of visits in an hour with 3.6 million reproductions; being the Music Session with the most streams in less than 24 hours, making the song the fifth best debut in Spotify history”, reads the pronouncement of the platform.

According to users on social networks, when they tried to play the song, the platform displayed the message “song not available”, as well as suggesting that it was possible “start a radio based on this artist”.

Although neither the platform nor the artists who own the song (Shakira and Bizarrap) have spoken about the temporary block, many users speculated that it could be due to accusations of plagiarism, since the Venezuelan tiktoker Briella accused her of altering her song.

Shakira and Bizarrap’s song was off Spotify for a few moments (Photo: Jaa_0715 and HolaSoyJuanan / Twitter)


There are many options by which a song can disappear from the music platform, the most common being rights problems, either from the artists with the application or complaints for plagiarism or illegal appropriation.

In fact, the latter could be reduced to new negotiations or investigations on the subject, the latter being the case of Bellakath, who suffered the blocking of some songs temporarily.

When a user asked Spotify about Shakira’s theme, the platform’s response was limited to indicating that it could be due to an update of the theme in question, either by the application or by the artist who owns it.

If the Artist is making any changes to the songs, such as updating the cover art, or upgrading an audio file from a higher version, or making any changes to that track, they will remove the song and once the update is complete, they will revert it back. to upload to Spotify and then it will be available to listen to again. I hope this clarifies things”, reads the response.

Spotify explained what would be the reasons for the absence of a song on the platform (Photo: Spotify / Instagram)



On January 12, the two Latino artists published the song “BZRP Music Sessions Vol.53″ on digital platforms, generating a tremendous sensation among the people who heard the material. Since then, the lyrics have been played everywhere, including radios, means of transportation, companies, and even at children’s parties. A resounding success by any measure.

On platforms like Youtube either Spotifythe song has had millions of views and broken several Guinness record marks. LEARN MORE HERE.

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