Shakira deceived by Gérard Piqué with a famous model?


– Posted on 20 Sep 2022 at 08:56

New accusations of deception by Gérard Pique against Shakira have emerged. According to a Spanish journalist, the player cheated on the singer with a famous model.

It’s a break that no one expected. After twelve years of love, Gérard Piqué and Shakira announced their separation on June 4 using a press release published by the singer’s communication agency. ” We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our top priority, we ask for privacy. Thank you for your understanding “, had thus declared the parents of Sasha and Milan. While the real reason for their breakup remains a mystery, it is rumored in the Spanish media that the football player cheated on the mother of his children…

Spanish journalist Jordi Martin has made startling revelations. According to him, Gérard Piqué would have cheated on his wife with Israeli model Bar Refaeli, 10 years ago. Jordi Martin reiterated his allegations against the soccer star a few months ago. Following the exposure, Gérard Piqué decided to take legal action against the journalist, claiming he had invaded his privacy and that of his children. ” My dislike for Pique goes back a long way, we have a bad relationship“Jordi Martin told a Spanish media site.

An alleged affair with Bar Refaeli

And the journalist added: I always knew what he was doing in Barcelona, ​​it’s a small town. “According to the latter, Gérard Piqué and Bar Refaeli would have had an affair in 2012, a year after his relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The paparazzi claims the case was the first incident of the player cheating on Shakira. ” The rift between them began because Shakira found messages from Bar Rafaeli. There were more than messages – there were also private meetings“said Jordi Martin.

Separately, he also took to Twitter this week, writing, ” I sent the information to a source close to Shakira a few days ago. After a moment, they were finally able to verify Gérard Piqué’s alleged deception with Bar Refaeli in 2012. A few days ago I spoke to a close friend of the model, who had also been my friend for many years, who confirmed the reason for the frequent stays in Barcelona at the time. Shakira was shocked. For her part, the famous top model has denied the rumors of her affair with Pique. ” We’re just good friends“, she said in August 2021.

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