she wants to crush Kylie!

Same curves, same business… but only one place at the top.

Being dethroned by her little sister on her own turf did not please the influencer high priestess. Who did not expect it at all! In the first episodes of their family television saga, Kanye’s ex was mainly worried about Kendall’s dazzling career in modeling… However, the real threat was not there and was actually called Kylie: in 2015, although she is only 18 years old, few people believe in her brand of lipsticks. And fewer still expect to see it end up as the sixth best-selling beauty brand in the world in 2019!

In the meantime, her notoriety has exploded exponentially, Kylie becoming the very first woman to exceed 300 million fans on Instagram, a network of which she is still the queen. But, if this exceptional success is the pride of their mother Kris, it is far from being the case of her famous big sister. Eager for glory as much as for professional success, Kim has always been very critical of the youngest. And for good reason, his brand, KKW Beauty, was very far from the results of that of Kylie. Suddenly, she stopped everything in 2018 in order to redefine her… and be sure to overtake Kylie! This is how SKKN by Kim was reborn from its ashes last June.

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A range that does everything to distinguish itself from that of its sister: very sober, ultra ecological… and super expensive. Indeed, while a Kylie beauty routine costs around a hundred euros, Kim’s costs 355 euros! A way of saying that she alone represents luxury, the real thing. And to ringardiser Kylie and her products with garish colors, full of plastic and risky substances.

Hard to take for the little one, who has not yet said her last word. Supported by mom, who keeps repeating that Kylie is the new Kim, she prepares her response. And she’s not a cream either.

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Which is the richer of the two?

Kim’s fortune now stands at $1.7 billion…compared to just $165 million five years ago! This jackpot, she owes it to her beauty brand but also to product placements, her show, her mobile game or even her juicy placements at Disney or Amazon. Removed from the list of billionaires for falsifying documents, Kylie Jenner just reinstates it, in dollars. With its 95O million euros, it nevertheless remains on the second step of the podium. By comparison, their sister Khloé only owns 47 million.

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