Super Mario: His voice actor doesn’t want to retire

Charles Martinet, the true voice behind the Super Mario character, said he will never want to leave: “until I’m dead“.

Martinet, currently a likeable 60-year-old, has been playing the Nintendo mascot since 1992. So I am almost 30 years that the voice actor represents the voice of the most famous plumber in the world, in more than 100 different games also counting the countless spin-offs that have been dedicated to it. While actor Chris Pratt will replace his iconic voice in the live action Super Mario film announced a few weeks ago, Martinet will still be included in some cameo roles to celebrate the importance he has had over the years in giving a sonic identity to Super Mario.

It was during an event at Fan Expo Canada that Charles Martinet was asked what he thought of his future as Mario. His answer was unequivocal: “I want to give Mario a voice until my death. If one day I think I won’t be able to do this anymore, I’ll tell Nintendo to find someone else.“In short, it is impossible to retire the voice actor. Mario, by the way, isn’t the only Nintendo character Martinet lends his voice to, as he also plays Wario and Waluigi.

Martinet also revealed during the fair that, although he always wishes the best for Nintendo’s plumber when he is gone, in reality there could be almost infinite material to use for the next few years: “I hope Mario will still be there after my death. In any case, there are over five million audio files of me voicing Mario. I go to the studio and record 45 takes of every sound I can think of so I won’t be going anywhere for a long time!As for the Mario universe, we remind you that it will be released in a few days Super Mario Party Superstars on Nintendo Switch, new episode of the series.

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