AI helps patients undergoing LASIK before cataract surgery

While millions of people around the world have undergone LASIK eye surgery, many of them develop cataracts later in life and require new corrective lenses implanted in their eyes. In a study published in the ‘Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery’,… While millions of people around the world have had LASIK eye surgery, many of … Read more

Three Condega churches come together to help a family who lives in precarious circumstances

In a sign of solidarity and Christian faith, the Baptist churches of the Condega Municipality, in the Department of Esteli, came together to support the initiative to build a decent home for the Vallejos family. At that time, Don Juan Carlos Vallejos worked hard and provided the necessary things for his wife, Doña Marlene, and … Read more

Corn: Superfood to reduce belly fat Low-salt superfood that helps you lose weight and gives you energy

Thursday, September 14, 2023, 00:43 Summer is the time of greatest joy. The holidays give many people the opportunity to go on trips where they eat much more than they do at home. And it is normal to overdo it because there are some days in the year when we deviate from the routine. Of … Read more

Little known herb that helps reduce fluid retention and joint pain

Herbs became a staple of diet because of their potency natural health benefits, And in this line, little is known that helps reduce fluid retentionjust like him Joint pain it is about horse tail, It has been used for centuries in various traditions of natural medicine because of its potential effects, which can be consumed … Read more

Half of Generation Z youth are seeking treatment to address their mental health issues

50 percent of Generation Z youth (those born between 1997-2012) say they receive treatment for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or other mental health problems, with 24 percent percent receive treatment ‘online’. As revealed by consultant Oliver Wyman’s report ‘Generation Z: Shaping the future of consumer trends’, which was drawn from a sample … Read more

“Which foods are beneficial at each stage of the menstrual cycle? Can diet help with symptoms?”

Can nutrition really improve premenstrual and menstrual cycle symptoms? In detail, which foods are beneficial and which are not at each stage? taken from Diet is one of the pillars of maintaining health, which is why it is considered an important tool to manage premenstrual and postmenstrual symptoms. If food is accompanied by a healthy … Read more

What are the foods that help unclog arteries?

Products that help regulate cholesterol and triglycerides, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. To avoid cardiovascular diseases, the advice of doctors is to seek a good quality of life and follow a proper diet. Within this plan, it cannot be overlooked the incorporation of some foods that help unclog or keep arteries and blood vessels healthy. The … Read more

How does ginger help mental well-being?

There is also evidence that ginger can help improve brain function directly. THE UNIVERSAL Ginger, as explained by the association El poder del consumidor, is known to be antibacterial and antioxidant, since it contains phytochemicals that help slow down the cell aging process and combat free radicals. But not only that, it also helps prevent … Read more

Eating almonds daily helps to recover before exercise

A randomized controlled trial published in ‘Frontiers in Nutrition’ demonstrates daily consumption of almonds produces a change in metabolism reducing inflammation and oxidative stress from exercise and allowing the body to recover more quickly after physical activity. Specifically, it produces an increase in the amount of the exercise recovery molecule. This molecule, called oxylipin (oxidized … Read more