The 20 best reggaeton songs in history

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    There may not be another musical genre with so much controversy and conversation around him. The reggaeton (or reggaeton, which is accepted by the RAE) has aroused various opinions around the world, slipping not only at every party but also at home, gym, supermarket and office. For a few years now, this type of music has begun to form part of our most daily activities and, therefore, of our conversations with friends at the bar. In addition, reggaeton is no longer consumed only passively to move the skeleton to the rhythm of the playlist on duty that is playing in a joint (which is also), but has recently even adopted a more political, social and activist character. Reggaeton songs and artists symbolize an origin, a territory and a message that little by little has been penetrating current generations, giving it a relevance within the current cultural agenda.

    At first they had many unfair (and often racist or class) prejudices around reggaeton. It was said to be a very macho musical genre, which denigrated women or even the LGBTIQ+ collective. Okay, maybe they were right if we carefully analyzed the lyrics of those first songs that came out. But you can’t demonize an entire musical genre that, to begin with, it is not the only one that has a very misogynistic past (any rock song would have to be analyzed as well), and, to continue, it has evolved for the better in recent times. numerous women they have banged their fist on the table in that regard, demanding their place within a music industry dominated by straight men. Now The rules of the game have changedand reggaeton has become a liberating, empowering and enjoyable music. There is still a lot of work to be done, that is true, but the paradigm shift is undeniable.

    With the rise of Latin music (or performed in Spanish) all over the world in recent years, reggaeton has become one of the fashionable musical genres, crossing all borders. What was previously considered in bad taste or even belonging to a supposedly low social class, is now what is heard in all celebrations, galas and corporate events. Leaving aside the hypocrisy of the human being, this is very good news that, finally, values ​​the talent and effort of many artists who have dedicated themselves body and soul to this music. Suddenly, an underground movement that emerged in the slums of Puerto Rico and Panama becomes a worldwide phenomenon that moves masses and fills stadiums.

    Therefore, to celebrate the fantastic moment that reggaeton is experiencing in this decade, at Esquire we want to highlight the 20 best songs in the history of this musical genre. A selection in which we mix classic and old reggaeton hits, with the most contemporary and experimental. Not an easy task and one that will surely raise some bubbles among the most experts on the subject. But that can only indicate something very positive: that there is so much material to choose from that it is almost impossible to select only twenty.

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