the appeal of 27 experts to the US administration

In a letter sent to the Biden administration, 27 foreign policy experts officially asked for the establishment of a limited no fly zone over Ukraine to allow the evacuation of civilians: “Targeting residential buildings, hospitals and government complexes, as well as power plants nuclear forces, the Russian forces will be responsible for an even higher death toll ”.

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A group of foreign policy experts called for a “no fly zone limited“on Ukraine that protects the established humanitarian corridors and discourages bombing by the Russians to allow evacuation of civilians. The request is contained in a letter that 27 foreign policy experts addressed to the Biden administration, published exclusively by Politic. “What we are looking for is the deployment of American and US planes BORN not in search of a confrontation with Russia, but to avert and discourage the bombings that would cause a massive loss of Ukrainian lives. This comes in addition to the Ukrainian leaders’ request for A-10 and MIG-29 aircraft to help the Ukrainians defend themselves, which we also strongly support “, reads the letter.

“It is time for the United States and NATO to step up their aid to the Ukrainians before others innocent civilians fall victims of Putin’s murderous madness “, write the 27 experts headed by the co-founder of the USA-Ukraine Foundation Robert McConnell, second Politic. Other signatories also include former NATO Supreme Commander, the General Philip Breedlove, former US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and former US Ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker.

“The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian president Vladimir Putin was premeditated, unprovoked and unjustified and created the biggest crisis on the European continent since the end of the Second World War, “they added, noting that” despite the truly heroic efforts of Ukrainian soldiers and citizens to resist Russian forces, the Putin’s army is ready for further attacks on major cities, including the capital Kiev. By targeting residential buildings, hospitals and government complexes, as well as nuclear power plants, Russian forces will be responsible for an even higher death toll. “

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The letter comes after NATO’s no to the request made by the Ukrainian president Zelensky, who had lobbied for a no fly zone over his country. “We have the responsibility as NATO allies to prevent this war from spreading beyond Ukraine. Because it would be even more dangerous, more devastating and would cost even more human suffering”, explained the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance in recent days. Jens Stoltenberg. In other words, giving the green light to the no fly zone would mean bringing the conflict to a global level. Even the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, he defended the decision “because this would directly involve NATO in the conflict, and would trigger a conflict at least on a continental level that would have devastating effects on all of Europe and we do not want this”.

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