the bikini is to scream


Seductive as always Rihanna sends fans into raptures with a series of shots shared on social media in which she appears in a bikini and in a rural atmosphere. A hymn to spring?

Beautiful among the grass and flowers

Rihanna she conquered everyone with a series of photos that immortalize her breathtaking curves, in a bikini with floral designs. The singer is seen like this on social media, wearing seductive clothes, lying on the grass, kissed by the spring sun. In this way the pop star sponsors her underwear line Savage X Fenty.

A fresh and light outfit, characterized by soft colors and flowers, just to symbolize the summer. The bikini is also accompanied by a cover-up of the same pattern that only reinforces the whole. In a very short time, the images went around the world

Rihanna’s new mansion

And to think that Rihanna’s absence ai Grammy Awards still echoes a Hollywood. However, the singer has a good reason for not having been there: she is working on her highly anticipated album R9 and she is very busy.

Busy as always. Fans know that the 33-year-old originally from the Barbados does not stand still for a moment. Lately, in fact, she has also had a lot to do with her lingerie and cosmetics brands, and above all he bought a huge and wonderful new house.

In fact, between a work commitment and the other, the beautiful Rihanna does not hesitate to invest in the brick. The last one luxurious villa it is located right in the heart of Beverly Hills not far from the house of Paul McCartney and from the one he rented Madonna during lockdown. Rihanna bought it for 13.8 million dollars by the entrepreneur Daniel Starr who, in turn, had bought it in 2016 from Mary Sheldon (daughter of Sidney Sheldon, American screenwriter and director, author, among other things, of Vita da Strega) completely restructuring it.


Always busy with business

Rihanna is also busy with a new project. As fans know, the singer is one real successful businesswoman and it seems that his attention lately has focused on the world of hair beauty.

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A new beauty line with the name will therefore be added to Rihanna’s empire Fenty Hair that will surely drive all the fans crazy, especially those who dream of a silky flowing hair without having to go to the hairdresser.

In short, after the make-up line, cosmetics, clothes, underwear, the hair line could not be missing. Specifically, the line will include shampoo and smoothing conditioner, but also glitter dyes and treatments for top curls.

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The pop star apparently enjoys expanding her career as an entrepreneur. Its three brands are Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, Savage X Fenty and they are not affected at all by the passage of time, indeed, they never go out of fashion. Like Rihanna herself who always manages to be on the crest of the wave, with or without a Grammy.


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