The celebrities who have withdrawn their support for Johnny Depp after the leaked evidence of the trial

The libel trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended two months ago with the actor’s victory, and the conviction of his ex-partnerfor which he must pay a large compensation.

However, time passes, and they continue to date new data in the light about the mutual accusations that were made in the process. Many of them have been leaked recently, and they revive controversies like the one on Johnny Depp’s fingereither his friendship with Marilyn Manson, accused of sexual abuse by Evan Rachel Wood. More than 6,000 pages of documents with surprising revelations that have turned the case around, as you can see in the video above.

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson | Getty

Despite the fact that the sentence is final, and that Amber Heard has a hard time appealing to her, public support for Johnny Depp has dwindled after knowing these new data, such as his behavior in the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie, to which he arrived “drunk and high” according to the revealed accusations.

This has meant that there are several personalities that have withdrawn their support to a publication with which Johnny Depp celebrated his victory. In it he said that the sentence had “brought him back to life”, and that he was “truly grateful” to the fans who had supported him during the process.

Many colleagues supported him on this post, and some are now removing their ‘likes’, such as Sophie Turner, Joey King, Robert Downey Jr., Elle Fanning, Zoey Deutch or the one who was his partner in the Disney saga, Orlando Bloom. Also Sam Claflin, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Coolidge, Jordan Fisher, Christina Hendricks, McKenna Grace, Riley Keogh and Bruce Campbell.

This has been observed by a user on Twitter, who has verified how the number of likes to the publication decreased these days: “Celebrities are removing their likes from the publication of celebration of Johnny Depp in Instagram”, counted comparing it with data in reddit.

In the thread he explains the rumors about these new data: “For those who haven’t heard, Johnny’s followers paid for hidden documents that revealed how he and your team manipulated images, audios, intimidated witnesses and made incriminating texts disappear”.

According to this Twitter account, Depp fans who allegedly paid to uncover all that information they ended up generating just the opposite effect to what they were afterand they made all that information that has changed the opinion of the actor publicly known.

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