The Honduran National Team consumes the worst World Cup tie in its history!


The Honduran National Soccer Team It has culminated what is its worst World Cup tie in all history. The Honduran bicolor was the shame of Concacaf. The numbers speak for themselves. Lost 2-1 against Jamaica to put the last nail in the coffin.

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Without being able to add a miserable win at home, the Metropolitan Olympic It ceased to be the fort of the “H”. Only Costa Rica he didn’t win in our fiefdom, but he took two points, that’s where the United States, Jamaica, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico and Panama came to paint our faces.

With only four very poor points out of a possible 42, Honduras It consummated a World Cup process for history and never before seen in our country. The worst.

The press and fans begin to look for culprits and the spotlights point to the federations, who have been called to silence before the World Cup disaster of the beloved Catracha team that was also absent from Russia 2018.


The process began with the Uruguayan Fabián Coito, a coach with no experience in these matters, however, his start was two draws on the visit against Canada and The Savior. Everything was looking good even though he sent a number of significant changes in the duel against the Salvadorans, a game that he had to win.

The high point was in his first home appearance, where after winning 1-0, at halftime he made changes that were not planned or, at least not made. He disrupted the tactical drawing against the gringos, who ended up killing us with a categorical 1-4.

From the hand of fabian coitus three units were added, also counting the draw at home against Costa Rica but his goodbye came after falling into San Pedro Sula 0-2 against Jamaicathe other disappointment of this tie.

The appointment of a rookie coach killed the hope of a fourth World Cup for a Honduras that brought a good litter of soccer players who had cheered up the soccer part of the country with good presentations in Pan American and Olympic Games.

And it is that of all this it could be said that Honduras He didn’t play bad at all. The good list of footballers gave the “H” a good touch but as a group there was never any cohesion and that was one of the sins committed.


Already with the Colombian hernan Bolillo Gomez on Honduras there were accusations by the defense that it was noticeable weak and that was another achilles heel in the failed path to the Asian World Cup.

Maynor Figueroa, the great captain, unfortunately did not walk well in several games and football played tricks on him. He committed childish penalties and against Panama was the main point of the defeat at home 2-3. As well as Marcelo Pereira who had a blunder against Jamaica that cost another setback.

The lack of goal also took its toll on the national team. The “scorer” of the process was Bryan Moya with two annotations. Only six goals were scored. The other four were from alex lopez (penal), Romell Quito, Kevin Lopez and Albert Elis.


In recent history, one of the worst qualifying rounds that Honduras had played was for United States 94′ where in the final round the bicolor was last place in a home run played against the leader Mexico who qualified for the World Cup, the escort Canada who fell in the playoff against Australia and El Salvador, which accumulated four points, one more than Honduraswho made three harvested from a single victory, precisely against the Salvadorans.

The “H” in that way lost four games, tied one and won one. Heading to France 98′ Honduras stayed in the third round of a group shared by the leader Jamaica, Mexico and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Honduran Football Federation with the culminated failure, he must wash his face, turn the page and visualize the future if it is with the Colombian Bolillo Gomez or he is removed from his position to start the work of the next process as soon as possible.

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