The princes Jacques and Gabriella plant a tree in Charlene’s honor. How is the princess?

Jacques appeared particularly protective and sweet towards his sister: he put a reassuring arm around Gabriella’s shoulders as the two children planted a South African tree in honor of their absent mother, who was admitted to a care facility a few days after her. return to Monaco, after 10 months in Africa. The twins have captured everyone’s heart, so close-knit and tender. He dressed in a red sweater and his little sister in a gray knitted dress with hearts, perfectly matched.

Behind them there was always Prince Albert who claimed to be determined to be as present as possible for his children while their mother is absent for “health reasons”. Just a few days ago, on the occasion of the Munich National Day, the two children had shown very tender gestures towards their mother when they appeared on the balcony of the royal palace.

On Charlene, on the other hand, there are increasingly disparate rumors about her health: from the strong debilitation due to a liquid diet due to interventions to psychological problems. It has been said that she was in a crisis with her husband and that she felt alone in the palace, where she could find support only from her sister-in-law Stephanie, rebellious and suffering more in the face of royal rules. It is said that in Africa Charlene was in danger of dying and lost a lot of weight. Officially little is known and the mystery hovers over Palazzo Grimaldi where the eyes are focused on the little Jacques and Gabriella who are only waiting for their mother to return home.

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