The Taylor Swift concert that you can watch in streaming about the success of “The Eras Tour”

“Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour” was an epic concert that featured pyrotechnics, multiple stages and, of course, a 60-foot cobra named Karyn. (Netflix)

On the night of Friday, March 17, in Glendale (Arizona), the tour “The Eras Tour” debuted, where Taylor Swift reviews the most important stages of his artistic career. This is one of the most anticipated music industry events globally, since the last time the famous singer appeared on a tour was November 2018 for the release of her album. Reputation (2017).

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour is the live music film that documents this experience that fans in the United States lived. It was released on Netflix on December 31, 2018 on the occasion of the 2019 New Year celebration. It was in the latter that Taylor premiered loverhis seventh studio album and whose concert series was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taylor Swift’s concert film was released in late 2018. (Netflix)

The “Reputation” concert tour

Until yesterday, the most recent memory of the singer-songwriter on stage was the aesthetic of revenge, snakes and the strong response to all those who wanted to see her destroyed. With 60,000 sold out locations at the AT&T Stadium in Arlingon, Texas, the Grammy winner offered a show accompanied by her talented dancers, multiple stages, pyrotechnics and a giant cobra named Karin.

The “Reputation” era was one of Taylor Swift’s most praised. Not only because of the electropop sound and the daring lyrics of the album, but because of everything that framed this production. In 2016, she was exposed as a “liar” by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian -still a couple at the time-, which led her to be “cancelled” on social networks and described as a snake by thousands of users on the internet. .

Currently, the Grammy winner is offering the tour “The Eras Tour” in the United States. (Reuters/David Swanson)

Swift disappeared from Instagram and other platforms to take a break from this controversy, while planning revenge in her own style: songwriting. Surprisingly, she returned in 2017 with a teaser and mysterious images alluding to a snake (a reference to Kardashian’s insult). She thus demonstrated that she was never defeated and only took time to come back with a very well calculated reaction.

While “The Eras Tour” continues to run in the US and Latin American fans await the announcement of global dates, Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour It can be seen on Netflix in incredible resolution to relive the best of the darkest and most vengeful side of the multi-award-winning artist.

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